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Mike Clevinger takes multiple shots at Diamondbacks broadcaster Bob Brenly

Mike Clevinger may not be the fastest worker on the mound, but Padres' right-handed player has a bit of a post-match interview on Wednesday night. I wasted my time. 

After blanking the Diamondbacks with a one-hit ball in six innings, Clevinger shot Arizona's color commentator Bob Brenley. 

"I heard a little talk upstairs with Bob that the flight could be delayed due to pitching," Clevinger told BallySportswith a smile. .. "So let's see what you know and if I can go fast and attack," he said. And thank Bob because it really, really seemed to work. 

Clevinger is the 275th fastest worker with an empty base in terms of tempo among the 401 qualified pitchers, and for everybaseball savant. It will be the 31st percentile. He takes 19.7 seconds between pitches. This is almost two seconds longer than Madison Bumgarner, who opposed Clevinger with a diamondbacks bump. 

Clevinger drew the ire of Brenley for his slow pace on the mound.
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And Clevinger's critique of Brenley Not only that. 

"It's hard to sit here and hear the guys in the booth. They talk about what they like and don't know who the guys in the clubhouse are," ClevingerSaid. Who said Brenley's comments served as a motive. "Especially I've heard this round trip here for years. I want Bob to know that he came to our clubhouse and not just running, but who really are the people. I have an open invitation to find out what it is. His mouth is there. " 

Later at the clubhouse, Clevinger re-raised that feeling. 

"He was talking about half of my outings about being punished at the citadel," Clevinger said in his early college days. I did. "... So I want Bob Brenly to come here and talk face-to-face with me to find out who I am as a person and why I entered the citadel in the first place. He boothed. I'm tired of hearing him get this pass because I'm in. " 

Brenly (right) has perturbed San Diego in the past with his commentary.
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Brenly has a history of controversial comments. He had previously offended the Padres. In 2019,Brenley criticized thestar shortstop Fernando Tatís for wearing a gold chain. In 2020,Brenley publicly advocatedfor Arizona pitchers to start throwing at San Diego batters. This is because D-Backs allowed 6 home runs in the game.