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Miss Hooters 2022 shakes off the dreaded health battle — "excited" to win the crown

She may be curious about something.

Miami ServerMadison Novowas namedMiss Hooters International 2022at a pageant on Lake Tahoe on Thursday night.

In its 25th year of annual beauty pageant, the stunning Hooters server competes for coveted titles and prizes.

19-year-old Novo has defeated 50 other employees of the lacy restaurant franchise and raised $ 30,000.

The beauty of the brunette is that she has worked in various Hooters locations in South Florida for the past two years and she gave her an emotional boost during the tween. She told the crowd that she wanted to be a Hooters girl.

"When I was 12 years old in the hospital with rare kidney failure, I visited a rejuvenated Hooters girl," Novo declared in a press release sent to the post. "My next role is determined to help children around the world feel that they are not alone during the battle."

Novo has worked at various Hooters locations across South Florida in the past two years.
instagram / @ madisongnovo
The brunette beauty was overjoyed by the win, revealing she has wanted to be a Hooters girl since she was a youngster.
Novo spent two years in and out of hospital battling a variety of conditions. She now volunteers at the same facility in a bid to give back.
instagram / @ madisongnovo

The selfless server has already led the charity initiative, Joe DiMaggio Childrens in Hollywood, Florida. He leads a local Hooters team that volunteers monthly at Hospital .

Novo previously talked about his childhood health struggle and revealed that he had spent two years as a patient in the exact same hospital.

"When I was 11 or 12, I started getting really bad stomachaches," she told FoxNewslast year. "My mother took me to the emergency room. It took me about two years to get in and out of Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital and finally get some diagnoses. They said I was prothrombin. I discovered that I had a blood disorder called a genetic mutation. "

The beauty continued:" And they diagnosed me with gastric inflammation. During the next two years, Because of all the medicines I was taking, I suffered from unspecified renal failure. "

Novo is this racy restaurant franchise. Defeated 50 other employees and raised $ 30,000.
Novo has spoken out about her fellow Hooters co-workers, saying in an interview: "There’s just so much more to Hooters than just the orange shorts and tank top."
instagram / @ madisongnovo

Prothrombin gene mutation "According to the Cleveland Clinic, a hereditary disease that increases the predisposition to develop dangerous blood clots in the veins and lungs. While suffering from inflammation or veins

health problems, Novo says a hospital visit from a Hooters girl was a massive success.

{83 Lifts her spirit. } "They dropped food and talked to the patient," she recalled. "I remember dating them for the first time, and I spent quite a few hours with them. My mother, a single mother, takes a break, relaxes and eats really good wings. It was great because I was able to do it. "

She added: But they really took the time to sit down with me, learn what I was experiencing and talk to her mother. It gave us a sense of relaxation.

The post contacted Novo for more information about her current health.

But on Thursday's pageant, she took part in a round of uniforms and swimwear with her rivals, so her beauty looks happy and healthy.

She beats the first runner-up in Hooters, Mesa, ArizonaAverey Tresslerand the second runner-up in Pearland, TexasScarlettKnight. I defeated it.

Novo said she was more proud than ever to be a Hooters girl. Her victory is the realization of her longtime dream.

Last year, her beauty dispelled the misunderstandings of women working in franchises, telling Fox News: What should I do right now. But we are not the only one.

She further declared: "I know so many girls studying and thinking about their future. They dream of becoming lawyers and doctors. Some of them are also wives and mothers. Hooters. It's not just orange shorts and tank tops. Hooters aren't just orange shorts and tank tops. "