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00:00 Missing Uber/Lyft driver Joshua Thiede found alive-friends-say
00:00 Missing Uber/Lyft driver Joshua Thiede found alive
00:00 Slovenian ice hockey player fails drug test at PyeongChang Games
00:00 Chinese anger after terracotta warrior's thumb stolen in US
00:00 Chelsea Clinton Throws Subtle Shade At Donald Trump Jr. Over India Foreign Policy Speech
00:00 Third Olympic athlete falls drug test at PyeongChang Games
00:00 ‘I Honestly Tried My Best.’ Fergie Speaks Out About Her National Anthem Performance
00:00 School shooting survivors want to talk about gun control with Florida's lawmakers
00:00 Fred Rogers, America's favorite neighbor, celebrated in 2018
00:00 TV tonight: 'We'll Meet Again,' 'Kevin (Probably) Saves the World'
00:00 A Slovenian Hockey Player Is the Third Athlete to Test Positive for Doping at the Olympics
00:00 There have been at least 20 incidents involving threats and weapons at schools since the Florida shooting
00:00 For Snowboarders, the Music Matters as Much as the Gear
00:00 Donald Trump Jr. arrives in India to help sell apartments
00:00 Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Are Ice Dancing’s King and Queen
00:00 Florida shooter obtained 10 rifles in year before massacre
00:00 The U.S. Men’s Hockey Team Has Beaten Slovakia, Advancing to the Olympic Quarterfinals
00:00 Donald Trump Jr. Arrives in India to Promote Trump-Branded Luxury Apartments
00:00 Court names wealthy man sole guardian of 13 surrogate children
00:00 Serious knee injuries increasing in kids and teens
00:00 Trump is helping to undermine US democracy. That's just what Russia wants
00:00 Californian Falls To His Death From Cliff Trying To Rescue His Dog
00:00 Winter Olympics: Golden comeback for Canadian skaters Moir and Virtue
00:00 Minnesota's $5 billion case over 3M chemicals heads to trial
00:00 Anderson Cooper Shreds Trump: ‘He Went To Play Golf While They Held Funerals’
00:00 Europe Edition: Syria, Latvia, Oxfam: Your Tuesday Briefing
00:00 Turkey warns Syria about support for Kurdish militias
00:00 French ice dancer doesn't risk another wardrobe malfunction
00:00 Katherine Heigl shows off her 14-month post-baby weight loss journey
00:00 Actor Michael Keaton to give Kent State commencement address
00:00 Killer wants $100G from book deal to go to his kids' education, Michigan says: Not so fast
00:00 Shibutanis take bronze in 2018 Winter Olympics ice dancing, Canadians top French for gold
00:00 The Internet Is Thrilled About Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s Ice Dancing Gold Medal
00:00 Everybody’s Favorite Canadian Ice Dancers Are Now Officially the Best in the World
00:00 'Sadistic' UK academic sentenced to 32 years in prison for pedophilia
00:00 The Bachelor Recap: It’s Time for Hometown Dates
00:00 White House Official Reportedly Said Mass Shooting Was A 'Reprieve' From Chaos
00:00 Ice dancing 'Shib Sibs' claim bronze at PyeongChang Olympics
00:00 School shooting suspect had access to 10 firearms, including AK-47 variant
00:00 Jewish Settlers in the West Bank Surged Since President Trump Took Office, an Israeli Settler Leader Says
00:00 The Latest: Suspect legally purchased at least 7 long guns
00:00 Open thread for night owls. Ghosh and Scott: Russia's election interference is Digital Marketing 101
00:00 Tuesday's TV highlights: 'Kevin (Probably) Saves the World' on ABC
00:00 Backing One of His Most Vocal Critics, President Trump Has Endorsed Mitt Romney’s Senate Bid
00:00 Trump endorses Romney in Utah Senate race
00:00 US Swimming did little as hundreds of coaches abused kids
00:00 American ice dance duo Madison Chock and Evan Bates suffer shocking fall in long program
00:00 Trump endorses former rival Mitt Romney for Senate bid
00:00 Knicks’ All-Star break report card: It’s been as bad as it looked
00:00 Wall Street isn’t sold on a CBS-Viacom merger
00:00 The Internet Is Heartbroken for This U.S. Olympic Ice Dancing Pair Whose Fall Dashed Their Medal Hopes
00:00 Gun Owner Destroys His AR-15 On Viral Video: 'It's Not Worth A Single Life'
00:00 Luxury condo’s penthouse units mysteriously lit up at night
00:00 Families waste no time grilling ‘Bachelor’ on hometown dates
00:00 Four tenants sign leases at 461 Fifth Ave
00:00 Team USA’s Maddie Bowman Finishes 11th in Crushing Blow for Former Gold Medal Skier
00:00 Trump endorses recent GOP foe Mitt Romney for Utah Senate
00:00 Craft burger hotspot bringing grub to new neighborhood
00:00 Estevan Florial will get every chance to earn place in outfield
00:00 Trump voices support for Mitt Romney in campaign for Senate
00:00 'The Bachelor' recap: Frog gigging leads to goodbyes for Tia on Hometown Week
00:00 Trump blames Obama for Russians’ election meddling
00:00 Inside Donald Trump’s Twitter-Fueled Weekend Meltdown
00:00 NYPD Special Victims hunts for rapist of 12-year-old girl
00:00 Florida high school massacre victims laid to rest
00:00 Trump will attend gathering of DC journalists
00:00 Trump’s tax-cut growth gamble could backfire
00:00 Wilmer Flores prepared to do whatever it takes to get in lineup
00:00 It’s last call for Budweiser signs in Times Square
00:00 Germany and Canada Just Tied for Olympic Gold in a Rare Finish for Two-Man Bobsled
00:00 Man accused of taking thumb from 2,000-year-old terra-cotta warrior
00:00 These Florida lawmakers accepted money from the National Rifle Association
00:00 Netanyahu's troubles deepen as Israeli police arrest confidants
00:00 Blac Chyna will ask police to investigate leaked sex tape: 'This is a criminal matter'
00:00 Gray whale returned to ocean after 3 days beached in Mexico
00:00 French Olympic Ice Skater Has 'Nightmare' Wardrobe Malfunction
00:00 Trump endorses Mitt Romney for Senate
00:00 The city still hasn’t selected a ‘nightlife mayor’
00:00 'SNL' alum Colin Quinn jokes after Valentines Day heart attack
00:00 Pennsylvania's new congressional district map could aid Democrats
00:00 A Garbage Mound Collapse in Mozambique Has Killed 17 People
00:00 Georgia looks to drop electronic voting machines in favor of paper ballots
00:00 Freezing temperatures expected across California could threaten Central Valley crops
00:00 New York Times slammed for 'sexy' yoga pants article
00:00 A U.S. Postal Worker Has Been Found Fatally Shot Inside a Mail Truck in Texas
00:00 Disney World unions file complaint to get $1,000 bonus promised after corporate tax cut
00:00 ‘Real Housewives of New York’ stuck on a cruise from hell
00:00 What's It Like To Be Rich? Ask The People Who Manage Billionaires' Money
00:00 Unseasonably warm weather in NYC could be historic
00:00 Twin babies found in suitcase in Arkansas ditch, police say

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00:00 5 Knackpunkte im Olympia-Achtelfinal: So schlagen wir die Deutschen!
00:00 Harvardista valmistunut laskija onnistui luikertelemaan olympialaisiin – lopputulos sai monet katsojat hieraisemaan silmiään
00:00 FC-Funktionär Bosbach: „Auch Ultras müssen die Regeln einhalten"
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00:00 Mostar: Podlegla 71-godišnjakinja od posljedica udesa u Ljubuškom
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00:00 হবিগঞ্জে পুলিশের সঙ্গে বিএনপির সংঘর্ষ, গুলিবিদ্ধ ৩০
00:00 Offene Fragen in Wolfsburg
00:00 Нейронная сеть и запах в подъезде

Missile threat alert for Hawaii a false alarm; officials blame employee who pushed 'wrong button'


While the message caused concern on social media, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency quickly responded on Twitter, saying, "NO missile threat to Hawaii."

    Hawaii Gov. David Ige told CNN that human error caused the alert to go out.

    "It was a mistake made during a standard procedure at the change over of a shift, and an employee pushed the wrong button," he said.

    The warning went out to television and radio as well as cell phones, Ige added.

    Ige also tweeted that he is meeting with top defense and emergency management officials from the state "to determine what caused this morning's false alarm and to prevent it from happening again."

    The governor's remarks come after Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator Vern Miyagi headed to the agency's 24-hour operations center to find out why the false alert was sent out, according to an email to CNN.

    "The warning was a mistake," Miyagi said.

    From paradise to panic: Hawaii residents and vacationers run for cover, fearing missile attack

    A second emergency alert was sent to phones in Hawaii 38 minutes after the initial message confirming the false alarm.

    CNN was told by a viewer in Hawaii that both the initial threat warning and the message of false alarm more than 30 minutes later came across the TV warning notification system.

    Hawaii: First state to prepare for nuclear attack

    Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard also posted to Twitter soon after the initial alert, reassuring citizens that she has confirmed with officials that "there is no incoming missile" and told CNN's Jake Tapper the alert was "inadvertent."

    Commander David Benham, a spokesman for US Pacific Command confirmed in a statement that there is no threat: "USPACOM has detected no ballistic missile threat to Hawaii," the statement read. "Earlier message was sent in error. State of Hawaii will send out a correction message as soon as possible."

    Government officials react

    President Donald Trump was briefed on the incident in person by Deputy National Security Adviser Ricky Waddell and later by White House chief of staff John Kelly, in addition to speaking to national security adviser HR McMaster, a White House official said.

    For the first time since the end of the Cold War, Hawaii will test nuclear sirens

    Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz also took to Twitter on Saturday in the wake of the false alarm.

    "There is no missile threat," the Democratic senator tweeted. "It was a false alarm based on a human error. There is nothing more important to Hawaii than professionalizing and fool-proofing this process."

    "AGAIN FALSE ALARM," he wrote in a second tweet. "What happened today is totally inexcusable. The whole state was terrified. There needs to be tough and quick accountability and a fixed process."

    Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono echoed that point in her own tweet.

    "At a time of heightened tensions, we need to make sure all information released to community is accurate," she wrote. "We need to get to the bottom of what happened and make sure it never happens again."

    The FBI's Strategic Information and Operations Center, Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency are monitoring the situation, a US official told CNN.

    In addition, Defense Secretary James Mattis was briefed on the situation, a defense official told CNN. The Federal Communications Commission is also investigating the incident, FCC spokesman Brian Hart tweeted.

    How does the military track missile launches?

    The US military maintains a complex and integrated network of sensors and detection capabilities in the Pacific to track ballistic missile activity, a network that has been — of necessity — improved in recent years, according to CNN military analyst John Kirby.

    Real-world missile launches are detected immediately by satellites that discern the infrared signature right off the launching pad.

    Tracking, verification and analysis would be provided to civil authorities by US Strategic and Pacific Commands, Kirby said.

    Hawaii's emergency management system does not have this capability on its own and would rely on the military's verification and analysis of the threat, he said.

    On Saturday evening, former Defense Secretary William Perry warned it wasn't out of the realm of possibility that a nuclear war could start by accident if proper safeguards aren't taken.

    "The risk of accidental nuclear war is not hypothetical -- accidents have happened in the past, and humans will err again," tweeted Perry, who served under former President Bill Clinton. "When the lives of millions are at risk, we must do more than just hope that mistakes won't happen."

    What will state officials do now?

    State officials said in a news conference Saturday they are currently suspending tests of the system until the investigation is done. They have implemented a two-factor identification in sending alerts and an automated way of notifying the public of a false alarm.

    Officials also said they are reviewing why some sirens on the island were triggered by the alert when they shouldn't have been and why some people did not receive the alert to their phones although it was a false alarm.

    "Today is a day that most of us will never forget. A day when many in our community thought our worst nightmare might actually be happening," Ige said, adding "I know first-hand that what happened today was totally unacceptable, and many in our community was deeply affected by this. And I'm sorry for that pain and confusion that anyone might have experienced."