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Missouri GOP Candidates Vow to "Blowtorch" Biden's Agenda

Missouri Attorney General raised temperatures in the Republican Senate's primary association advertising war on Tuesday, adding a "blow torch" to President Biden's "socialist agenda." Announced a commercial pledge to take.

Spot FeaturesEric Schmidtfires tools as he says: "I think Joe Biden is a complete disaster, so I think his Bring my torch lamp to the socialist agenda.

"As your lawyer, I quitBiden's border opening policy," Schmidt continues. .. "I appealed toto get rid of Fauci's COVID order, and I stood with [Donald] President Trump to stop the election fraud.

" In the Senate, I'm enthusiastic about Biden Democrats, "the ad concludes. "I approve of this message as it is time to regain our country."

Schmidt, along with Congressman Vicky Heartsler and former Governor Eric Graytens, is a Republican primary on August 2. He is one of the leading candidates for the election. 

Schmidt describes himself as an "American First" candidate and shows his picture with Donald Trump in his ad, but the former president still races. Has not expressed his support.

Eric Schmitt
The ad sees Schmitt firing up a blow torch before sharing his fighting words.
Schmitt pitches himself as an "America First" candidate.

Schmitt's torch lamp does not approach The firepowerGreatenscarried in the campaign ad released last month caused a great deal of controversy.  

In the commercial, a former Navy seal had a double shotgun, as several men in tactical equipment stood in the background. .. 

"Today we are hunting RINO," Greites said using the acronym "Republican by name only."

"Join the MAGA crew and get a RINO hunting license. There are no bagging or tagging restrictions and there is no expiration date until you save the country." Greitens He added.

Donald Trump has yet to endorse Schmitt's campaign.

A few hours after Greatens posted the ad, Twitter said Flagged as violating the rules. Members of both parties criticized the content, andshyly resigned afterwas accused of sexual arousal and election funding violations, andencouraged political violence. I accused him of being.