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Most Americans really think they can be action movie heroes

Believe it or not,everything is full of air.

Nearly 6 out of 10 Americans sayhas what they need to be an action movie star, SWNS reported.

Butactors like Liam Neesonshouldn't get caught up in these numbers yet. This 57% of the 2,000 US residents surveyed admit that they need special training before they can develop a very special set of skills.

The road to Hollywood seems steep, but action movies "have a big impact on fitness goals", so more than one-third of respondents"GonnaFlyNow" I feel that.

Another 57% of brave people said they felt more motivated after a high-intensity flick.

Still, nearly half say "Oh no" that they are Rambo. Forty-seven percent want to incorporate their believable acrobatic skills into video game programs such as "Wipeout" and "Double Dare."

Studies show that the majority of these Jackie Chan joke stars obviously don't like to stay completely focused while training for Silverscreen. Only 22% of fitness die hards are completely looking at prizes. 13% have never listened to music, but 2 in 5 prefer to distract at the gym and 19% "always" need one.

Many Americans feel they could compete on shows like "Wipeout."
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But that's a complete decision Not a day These terminators will be a good companion.

The majority achieved personal point breaks in some songs. 71% listen to music during workouts, two-thirds create their own playlists, one-third hit each time they sweat, 56% look at audiobooks, 55% Plays a video game.

Rock and pop were found to be the two most popular genres at 29% each. Just below that, there were 25 laps and 25 r&b each. Musical theaters and movie soundtracks were in danger zone at 17%.

Nonetheless, 34% say they choose workout songs that remind them of movie or television scenes as they run up the hill.

Also, 68% said it would work in time for the song they were listening to, so many people sync their tracks to the lift. 62% play the same song repeatedly. (Sorry, I couldn't think of bread here. If you have one, feel free to connect!)

It's not uncommon for Americans to be motivated at the gym by action movies or their music, a study has found.
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 Alpha LionOf the approximately 166 dirty dors surveyed by OnePoll, live a "fully active" life The 37% who said they sent were "very happy" as people, while the bottom 10% of "completely sedentary" lifestyles were likely to be "very dissatisfied". understood.

These were the most popular exercises and playlists found.

Most popular exercises

  • Stretching and flexibility exercises like yoga and pilates. 31% 
  • Equipment-based training such as tread mills and dumbbells. 30%
  • Anaerobic exercises including weight lifting and interval training. 30%
  • Aerobic training consisting of swimming, running and cycling. 30%
  • Calistenics and body-based training such as boards and barpies. 26%
  • Martial arts and dance cardio such as kickboxing and Zumba. 21%

2022 Motivational Playlist

  • Wizkid's "Essence (ft.Tems)".
  • "Tiger's eyes" by survivors.
  • "Countdown" by Beyoncé.
  • "Caution" by Omah Ley and Justin Bieber.
  • "Push It" by Saltn Peppa.
  • "Godzilla (Feet Juice WRLD)" by Eminem.
  • "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.
  • "Gonna Fly Now" by Bill Conti.
  • "This Town (feat. SashaSloan)" by Kygo.