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My sperm donor father had dozens of children, including half-brothers I may have dated

They protect it as a family.

A California woman said that when her mother told her she could date her own half-brother, she thought she could have more than 100 of her siblings. I knew I had a gender.

37-year-old Christa Bilton writes in her new memoir "Normal Family: About My Crazy Childhood (and How I Discovered 35 New Siblings)." We share wild anecdotes at. How she eventually got connected with dozens of missing relatives.

Christa and her sister Kaitlyn were raised in Los Angeles by their lesbian mother Debra.

Then when Christa was 23 years old, Debra dropped the bombshell. She told her two daughters that her biological father is her one of the largest sperm donors in California.

Bilton shares her incredible story in her new memoir, "A Normal Family: The Surprising Truth About My Crazy Childhood (and How I Discovered 35 New Siblings)."
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Chrysta and her younger sister, Kaitlyn, are pictured in the 1980s. The pair were raised by their lesbian mom, Debra, and had no idea their biological father was a prolific sperm donor.

In 2005, the New York Times published an article written by a woman claiming to be the daughter of Donor 150, in which she identified herself to him. I begged you.

The article prompted Harrison to come forward, who later told The Times that he spent most of the 1980s depositing sperm twice a week at a cryobank in California. He believed he could have fathered over 100 children.

andAccording to an excerpt from the book, Krista had a frightening realization about romantic interest when she was 22.

They had been dating for over a year at the time. That man was probably my half-brother," she wrote. 

"I think this is what happens when sperm donation is unregulated and you have a lot of half-siblings," she said. I got over it. It took 10 years.

Bilton's father is Jeffrey Harrison — a man who had been known for decades as "Donor 150." Harrison went public with his identity in 2017, saying he may have fathered more than 100 children.
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Christa said her mother's confession to her “I was shocked,” he says.

"A lot of the stories my mother told me about how I was raised were lies." It turned out that it was her kind words to bend the truth.”The author told NPR . A recent interview while promoting her new book. "This moment when she revealed [the truth]...really why I started investigating my life story."

"A man can donate sperm any number of times a week," she explained, explaining that her father "did it." for almost ten years.

Bilton is pictured with several of her half-siblings. She has met more than 35 of them, and says they all share a close bond, in addition to some genetic similarities.

Author initially reluctant to find out about his brother "For almost 10 years, I didn't want anything to do with them," she revealed.

However, after speaking with one of her half-sisters, her demeanor changed. She reached out on her media social.

"She was very keen to see all this stuff," Christa explained. I realized that I could always see its beauty with enthusiasm.”

Since then, she has met more than 35 half-brothers and half-sisters. I admit there could be dozens of others.

Chrysta's mom Debra was involved in pyramid schemes and cults and was often teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Chrysta said she was left with feelings of deep insecurity.

The writer also claimed that she and her brother had genetic similarities. revealed that they share the same sex. "Most of us have the same big toe. We also have the same dimple on our left cheek. Many of us share ADD as something we struggle with. We are all alike." So the similarities were really wild."

She revealed she now sees her father several times a year, describing the experience as "really positive." doing.

In her memoir, Christa also recounts a turbulent childhood with her mother, where she was reportedly involved in pyramid schemes and cults. Her mother's pursuit brought the family to the brink of bankruptcy and left young Krista with a deep sense of insecurity.

Chrysta has started a much more conventional family of her own. She is married to Vanity Fair journalist Nick Bilton (pictured). The pair share two young boys.
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The author has built a more traditional home. Vanity is raising her two young children with her husband Nick Bilton, a journalist for her fair. A mother of two, she now enjoys the stability she's found, she says.

"Having had an unpredictable childhood, her one beacon of hope is that if she can get out of it, she's so grateful for everything," she says. told NPR.