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Navy SEAL Rips Apart David Hogg's 5 Point Plan to Stop School Shootings

I’m not sure if David and other liberals are able to comprehend that EVERY single one of these mass shootings, murders, and gun-related crimes that are so prevalent and concerning to all Americans showcase the complete disregard for any of our existing laws.

It is illegal to murder one or more innocent people for any reason. It is illegal to bring a firearm to a school. It is illegal to discharge a firearm in a school or within city limits.

These are a few of the major laws broken at every, single school shooting. Yet, Hogg and others ironically believe that the laws that they are proposing will be the ones mass [murderers] actually follow.

I’m not sure when the last time David purchased a gun [was] but I own several. I have never purchased one without filling out the proper paperwork and having my background checked.

The gun show loophole (the sale of a firearm from one private citizen to another without a background check) seems to be the main issue Hogg and others have with our current system, which is one of the few suggestions I would be willing to take a hard look at.

This still would not be effective in stopping the evil epidemic plaguing our schools and our children.

As far as allocating funding for research, this is one area I agree with David. It is what I believe we should be researching that we differ on.

David believes that we should be funding the research of gun violence. I think that would be a waste of time and money.

If we are going to research anything it needs to be something that will save the most lives NOW. We should be researching the most effective and affordable ways to harden these schools that are unfortunately very soft targets.

Hogg has proposed digitizing ATF records. Many Americans, myself included, do not want the government to have a national database or registry of firearm ownership. Quite simply, most Americans do not trust the federal government.

Unbeknownst to Hogg and many Americans, the Second Amendment was actually created to give “we the people” the ability the stand up to and defend ourselves against tyrannical, overreaching government.

In the wake of very real and shocking abuses at the highest level of our justice department, [including] spying on U.S. citizens, trying to sway the outcome of a presidential election, cover-ups, and the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS to name a few. I’m not sure most of us believe that our government should be entrusted with this information.

Most Americans have grown up in such a protective bubble provided by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans along with the protective framework provided by our founders.

Quite simply, if Mr. Hogg and others are successful and abolish our Second Amendment as we know it, those of us that are currently able to protect him and others [won't be able to] should the day [come when the] overreach of our government becomes so great that a second revolution is necessary.

We will have zero chance of doing so and Hogg and his accomplices will have no choice [but] to think, “What have we done?”

We are currently somewhere in between lines three and four. We have plenty of weak men like Hogg that will if successful, create hard times for us all.

If “we the people” really want our children to be safe you must turn your ear to the sheepdogs of our society. Like military and law enforcement who have dedicated their lives to protecting others from the wolves.

Academics and activists may yell the loudest and throw the biggest tantrums but just as Hogg has again illustrated with this proposal, being a victim does not qualify you to champion any kind positive reform.

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