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Nebraska woman charged with helping teen daughter abort

Omaha, Nebraska — Nebraska woman helped abortion of teenage daughter indicted for the crime. She was 24 years old after investigators discovered her Facebook message in which she discussed a plan to burn the fetus after using the drug to induce an abortion. a week later.

The prosecutor in charge of the case said it was the first time someone had been charged with illegally performing an abortion after the 20-week limit passed in 2010. 17} Before the Supreme Court overruled Roe. I was not allowed to ban.

In one of her Facebook messages, 41-year-old Jessica Burgess told her daughter, who was 17 at the time, that she had obtained her abortion pills. explains how to take her to terminate her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, the daughter "said she couldn't wait to get the 'things' out of her body," detectives wrote in court documents. "I can finally wear jeans," she said in one of the messages. Law enforcement officials obtained the messages with a search warrant and detailed some of them in court documents.

In early June, the mother and daughter were charged with only one count of felony removal, concealment, and abandonment of a corpse, and her two misdemeanor counts of concealing and falsely reporting another's death. . About a month later, investigators added a felony abortion-related charge against the mother after reviewing her private Facebook messages. The daughter, now 18, has been charged as an adult at the request of the prosecution.

Both have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial,CBS Omaha affiliate KMTV reports}

A representative for the daughter declined to comment.

In an initial interview, the two told investigators that her teenager unexpectedly gave birth to a stillborn baby while taking a shower in the early hours of April 22. rice field. There was a box in the back of the van, after which they drove a few miles north of town, where they buried the body with the help of a 22-year-old man.

Having been charged only with a misdemeanor, a man not identified by AP will bury the unborn child on rural land owned by his parents north of Norfolk in northeastern Nebraska. I have no objection to helping out. He is expected to be sentenced later this month.

According to court documents, detectives said the fetus had "burn marks" and the man told investigators that his mother and daughter had caused the burns. He also wrote that his daughter confirmed in a Facebook exchange with her mother that the two would "burn the evidence later." Based on medical records, the fetus was over 23 weeks old, he said. Criminal writes.

Burgess later admitted to investigators that she had purchased abortion pills "with the intention of inducing a miscarriage."

Neither mother nor daughter initially said they remembered the date of the stillbirth, but detectives said her daughter later checked Facebook messages to confirm the date. She then said she asked for a warrant.

Madison County Attorney Joseph Smith never made such an accusation in his 32 years as county attorney for illegal abortions in the Lincoln Journal Star. He did not immediately respond to a message from his AP on Tuesday.

The National Advocates for Pregnant Women, an organization that supports abortion rights, said that from 2006 to her 2020, her 1,331 women were arrested or detained for offenses related to pregnancy. I found

Current 20- Nebraska tried and failed earlier this year to pass a so-called trigger law that would ban all abortions when the Roe v. Wade ruling was overturned.

A Facebook spokesperson declined to discuss the details of the matter, but a Facebook representative said, "We review all government requests we receive to ensure they are legally valid." We are always scrutinizing," he said.

Facebook says it will fight back against requests it deems invalid or overly broad, but of the 59,996 government requests for data in the second half of last year, about 88% of the information was provided. The company said it provided it to investigators. 

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