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New bride scrambles during wedding season after fire in Holly, Michigan

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Earlier this week, a flame broke a portion ofin downtown Holly, Michigan, destroying or damaging some small businesses. Many people scrambled and there was a great deal of response from multiple fire departments. In the scene.

Some of the companies damaged by the fire are the National Register of Historic Places, a popular downtown restaurant, and apopular wedding hall, the Historic Holly Hotel. there is. Hotel website. 

As a result of the unfortunate fire, many future brides are rushing to make another arrangement for their long-planned wedding this summer.

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In a message on the website, we thank the fire departments for responding to the Holly Hotel owner's site. "If you know us, you understand that we will soon make adjustments to our plans to refurbish and restore the hotel," the owners also say on their website. 

Major damage at the Historic Holly Hotel after a recent fire in Holly, Michigan. 

At the later historic Holly Hotel Great Damage A recent fire in Holly, Michigan.  (Kyle Boggemes)

"As you can imagine, this is a monumental project and I am confident that this task will be successful. FoxNews Digital asked the hotel for comment.

The back of the hotel was burnt down

The bride on the next date booked at the Holly Hotel was nothing but a panic. Katie Bogemes, whose wedding was scheduled to take place four days after the fire, was one of them. 

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Waterford A reading specialist at an elementary school based told Fox News Digital that her first reaction to the fire was a pure "shock."

"I can't believe this is happening at this very moment," she said. "And what to do next. What are we doing now?"

Bogemes The wedding planning process took over a year, but the Holly Hotel She said it soon became clear that was the only venue for her special day.

"Everything was right," she said. "Beautiful."

At the moment of despair of her bride, the Holly Vault Collection, the venue next to her, came to help her.

"Very graceful"

Holly's business provided couples with Venue One Eleven space and matched the price of the Holly Hotel. 

"They came to our rescue," she said. "They were very kind to meet our budget. It was always very important for my current husband and me that we paid for our wedding."

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Katie and Kyle Bogemes are Holly Last Saturday, we celebrated our dream wedding at the vault venue.

Katie and Kyle Boggemes on their wedding day at Venue One Eleven in Holly, Michigan, on June 25, 2022. 

With Katie on Wedding Day at Venue 1 Kyle Bogemes 11 people in Holly, Michigan, June 25, 2022.  (Katie Boggemes)

The bride thanked her wedding coordinator, Alisa Sherwood. The job of replicating the wedding vision of the original Holly Hotel. "

"It was amazing," she said. "[Sherwood] has almost replaced my exact wedding that was to take place at the Holly Hotel with one of their beautiful spaces."

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Katie Boggemes is how the Holly community shards after a fire. It was like "a large family gathering" to pick up.

Newlyweds Katie and Kyle Boggemes snap a selfie on their wedding day in Holly, Mich., on June 25, 2022. 

Newlyweds Katie and Kyle Bogemes take a selfie at the wedding June 25, 2022, one day in Holly, Mississippi.  (Katie Boggemes)

"I was really lucky to have happened," she said. .. "But when I go downtown, I'm shocked because it looks like a big chunk of heart is missing. But in reality, people are in the center of town."

"They picked up together We're doing our best to get together. They're going to rebuild and it should be the same as before. "

In a telephone interview with Fox News Digital, they are the owners of the Holly Vault Collection. CariCucksey shared the same hope of rebuilding "Holly Strong," stating that the heightened sense of unity could be "silver lining." "

The Holly Vault Collection's newest property Venue One Eleven in Holly, Michigan. 

The latest property in the Holly Vault Collection VenueOneEleven in Michigan Holly. (Holly Vault Collection)

"We need to unite as a community," she said. 

"Come with us and help us get the pieces back."

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She hopes that this will create great unity and happiness in terms of bringing people back together. ".

The Cucksey 16-year-old hotel, who worked as a bus girl in Holly, emphasized how "symbolic" the facility is to the Holly community.

Vault owner and her husband did their best to deal with a couple who lost their original wedding hall in a downtown fire.

"I'm busy and non-stop, but I'm happy to help them and hopefully put it together," she said.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, other holly businesses such as Andy's Place Barand Grill and Battle Alley Arcade Antiques Mall were also hit by a major fire.

Authorities believe that the old trees behind the mall were mixed with strong winds and that a hot day could have caused the fire.

Katie Boggemes received an up-to-date email from the Holly Hotel on Monday explaining that she is "active in rebuilding," although there is no reopening timeline.

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Hotel owners can post to the website: It is written as. Over the years, thousands of events and more than 3 million guests have made the Holly Hotel special not only in the food, service, atmosphere and hospitality it offers, but also in this magnificent hotel. It's full of guest support, love and laughter. building. With elegance, gravel, and a family of great staff, we do it again.

The owner has signed a message to the community, friends and supporters, saying "I am always a part of your service".