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New Orleans CBP agent found human umbilical cord in airport baggage

Officials discovered the umbilical cords after inspecting the passenger's luggage on Spirit Airlines Flight 1439 from Honduras.
Authorities found the umbilical cord after searching a passenger's luggage on Spirit Airlines Flight 1439 from Honduras. US Customs and Border Protection

US Customs and Border Protection agents A human umbilical cord was discovered at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

Authorities said they found it on August 2 after inspecting the luggage of a passenger on Spirit Airlines Flight 1439 from Honduras, according to a government agency press release. Passengers had been referred for secondary screening.

Passengers told officials that the umbilical cords and attached medical wristbands belonged to relatives and that body parts were left at the airport and incinerated.

A passenger on the same scheduled flight from Honduras to New Orleans on June 28 also had an umbilical cord, was traveling with luggage that had tested positive for a pregnancy test, and had a relationship. told the person that it belonged to a relative.

The New Orleans area Mark Choyna, deputy port director for his area, said the incident was a reminder that travelers need to make sure they are legally transporting goods. said it should be.

The passenger told officials that the umbilical cord and wristband in the luggage belonged to a relative.
US Customs and Border Protection

You are guaranteed to encounter some rare items. I am,” said Choyna. “However, it is worth noting that two umbilical cords a month apart came from the same country. can be legally imported, especially when transported on behalf of others.”

, requires an import license from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.