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New Orleans could become the murder capital of the United States under the mayor of LaToya Cantrell

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Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans may be heading for a record crime as violence plagues blue cities across the country.

She follows the latest democratic leadership patterns presented by mayors such as Eric Adams in New York, Lori Lightfoot in Chicago, Eric Garsetti in Los Angeles, and Muriel Bauser in Washington, D.C. It's a person. Strict COVID policies, homelessness, rampant crime. 

Mayor of New Orleans LaToya Cantrell holds maskless ball after reimbursement of mask mandate

This is just 20 points It's a slip of a year from the same pollster. 

Cantrell built her history as the first female mayor of Crescent City, and she began her second term in January. 

She faces political and legal backlash against what many consider to be Draconia's COVID policy, andpersonally follows them throughout the pandemic. Ignore it. 

New Orleans Mayor, Ministry of Health complains over COVID-19 vaccine obligations

Cantrell office, park Bureau&Parkways, Tupac Amur Shakur Foundation and other groups promoted the "Peace Pole" and the mayor appeared at the opening ceremony on June 15th.

"This afternoon, the city is in the Park Bureau&In collaboration with the Tupac Shakur Shakur Foundation at the University of Turene at Parkways, the&New Orleans Jazz Orchestra aims to promote peace in the community. , Hosted a ribbon cut for the newly installed Peace Pole, "Cantrell tweeted.

"TASF sponsors several free services for the community surrounding mental health, physical health, and overall development," Cantrell added.

Cantrell's pole release at Louis Armstrong Park seems to have done little to "promote peace," as intended in her statement on June 15.

New Orleans Police Union Leader Lips DA, "Progressive Politician" on Crime and Law Enforcement Issues

June 17 On the day, Cantrell announced two. -Afropic sculpture of the story called "All Power to All". This temporary installation in downtown was praised by the mayor as "breathtaking." 

Fox News' Raymond Arroyo said of "Ingraham Angle", "While there are so many crimes, someone can lose focus and spend a lot of money like this. Being sexual is breathtaking. " hand of.

Cantrell announced a $ 7.2 million bond to public art in the city of New Orleans on June 17th. 

Meanwhile, New Orleans will become the "capital of murder in the United States." , "FOX8LocalFirst reported that same day. 

In an exclusive interview with Laura Rodriguet of her local mother's advocate, Bayeux Mama Bears, she exploded Cantrell's priorities.

"Art is ranked last when it comes to where to spend money in New Orleans," Rodriguet said. "People can't even leave home to appreciate art without fear of violent death."

New Orleans police shortage staff AMIDCRIMESPIKE:'Most likely to call Ghostbusters'

Murder cases increased by 155% next week. June 21st, from the same period in 2019, according to the Metropolitan Crime Commission's weekly magazine, citing a service request from the city of New Orleans. 

Data show that there have been 148 murders so far, eight of which occurred during the week of June 14. 

Democratic city council member Eugene Green defended the mayor's lack of pressure on the murder in New Orleans in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital.

"That's almost a day's murder," he said. "It's hard to make a statement every day." 

New Orleans city council proposes state soldiers to fight assault crimes

Carjack increased by 191% between the same time in 2019 and the week of June 27, according to the Metropolitan Crime Commission's weekly report. The previous carjacking in New Orleans under Cantrell is 154. 

A clear bathroom incident involving Cantrell at a concert by rapper Rob 49 in Fillmore on June 18 afflicts the mayor as increased crime plagues New Orleans. No. soon. The footage of @ ceedagreatt's Instagram story appeared to show a quarrel involving the mayor and at least two other unnamed women in front of a bathroom stall.

Cantrell's new communications director is in the press Addressed release.

"Whenever I witnessed a quarrel, the mayor acted like begging our inhabitants. If you see something, do something," Gregory Joseph wrote. I am.

At the same concert, more videos were shot to show that Cantrell hinted at a bathroom quarrel when he was on stage with rapper Rob 49 at the concert. it was done.

In the video, while Mayor Cantrell receives the award, she leans on Mike and while in the bathroom, she sees her saying "I broke something." I can.

She has a situation involving teenagers A girl in the bathroom of a rap concert who claimed to be escalated. The city has a curfew enacted by NOPD in the summer. 

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, New Orleans-born rapper Rob49 gave him an award to Cantrell on stage, which his mother specifically commissioned for a concert. I added that I didn't know. About the alleged bathroom change.

"No, I didn't know. I didn't know, but I'm glad she stepped in front of it to prevent further damage and the possibility of it happening. Yeah, I didn't know anything about it, but it just shows you how she is. " 

US City The New Orleans church remembers the victims on the "Murder Board" because of a murder in

This is Cantrell publicly taped in some form of controversy. This is the first time I have been. Last fall, another video talked about Cantrell standing and screaming a man in the Polo Club Lounge at a luxury Windsor Court Hotel.

The mayor's actions reportedly responded to criticisms of her negligence, demanding forced evacuation prior to the landing of Hurricane Ida. 

Cantrell held a press conference on June 21st, answering questions about the viral video in the bathroom, but no press conference in response to the shooting of a 2-year-old infant. was. June 22nd.  

Neither the mayor's communications department nor her Twitter account has made a statement to support the families involved in the shooting or the Holly Grove community. Cantrell set out on a taxpayer-funded trip to Ascona, Switzerland, on June 22nd at her "Sister City Initiative". : "I would have had a press conference. I personally would have had a press conference"

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This weekend's Essence Festival serves as a benchmark for post-COVID delight in the city and can backfire on public safety.

Fox News Digital contacted her office for comment on the bathroom brawl in Fillmore and subsequent official statements. Joseph refused to characterize the case as a quarrel or as a press conference related to a toilet encounter.

"But it wasn't a quarrel and there was no press conference. Like the press conference and the press conference, there was one question about her about the 12 problems the city is facing. I think. Dissolve the battle.

"For the 187 million gallon water tank in City Park, there are more questions than she disbands the battle, so as you say, There was no press conference about the "quarrel" and in fact there was no quarrel at all. Public security has been and will be a top priority for this administration.

Cantrell has three years left for her final term as Chief Executive Officer of New Orleans. 

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