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New York Governor's Race Set for a Clash Over Guns and Abortion

And this is special for Republicans who have lost each of the last 24 state-wide elections in New York. It will be a trial. The last Republican to win a state-wide position was former Governor George Pataki when he won the third term in 2002.

From a registration perspective, the Republican situation didn't get any better. New York currently has nearly 6 million Democrats and about 2.7 million Republicans. According to the Election Commission, there are now more voters registered as "blank" or independent than Republicanslatest counts

but Zeldin grabs the rise Crime looking the way to victory in, the state's depopulation and its high living costs.

"This is not just a red wave," Zeldin said in his winning speech on Tuesday. "This is a common-sense wave that reaches everyone in the entire state."

Zeldin, along with all Republican voters, must pull out some of these voters to win. Must be. This is a difficult task. This is especially difficult for politicians who have spent the past few years as one of the most intense defenders of former President Donald Trump.

The 45th President has many other well-documented positions in Zeldin, including guns and abortions. Like, it's not very popular in my home state. According to a poll by the Siena College Instituteearlier this month, the majority of voters support the new gun control passed after 10 people were killed in a shooting at a Buffalo supermarket.

And 60% of all voters wanted the Supreme Court to support theRoe v. Wade case

. Hokuru accepted it by cooperating with the Democratic-led state legislature. Pass through stronger gun methods and abortion protection.

"Our rights and values ​​are at stake again. The rights and freedoms we once fought and secured must be regained," she said. Said in the victory speech. "But we are not helpless. We do not transfer these rights. If one declares war, the other can choose to surrender or counterattack. We say counterattack."

Meanwhile, Zeldin sticks to conservative themes throughout his major campaigns.

He appoints a health commissioner with the same beliefs asto the group opposed to abortion, and his administration if elected as an advocate who does not support the right to abortion. Said to provide "open door access" to. ..

During the suspension of the campaignweeks before the shooting of Buffalo, Zeldin blasted New York's strict gun method. He said others — and people “should have the right to stand (their)”.

Emphasizing these discrepancies comes from Hochul's camp, which spent more time than the primary to win in November. It seems to be a plan.

In a victorious speech on Tuesday, Hokur nods to Zeldin as "trying to retreat us" and "trump cheerleader," and Vice Governor Antonio Delgado is trying to poison New York. "Power" was warned.

"New Yorkers need a governor to protect them, not to rule them on the far-right agenda," Democratic spokesman James Martin said of Republican candidates "to each other." I'm trying to beat MAGA. " "Extreme" positioning.

Already, Zeldin has shown an attempt to reconstruct his ideology as less disruptive.

He later revealed thathis remarks on the Red Flag Act should not apply when targeting "law-abiding New Yorkers."

However, at least since the late 1950s, no candidate for abortion has won in New York. And with the Supreme Court ruling to overturn theRoe v. Wade case, the issue will be more prominent and central than ever.

In his appearance in Albany on Monday, Zeldin claimed that he could find something in common with many voters.

"New York has already codified much more thanRoev. Wade, and its to reach that point in which you legalize non-doctors who have an abortion. When a decision is made, when you have a process of late partial abortion in this state, when you do not provide informed consent, you do not do enough to promote abortion. Hmm. You are actually creating the reality that I am someone in professional life and in this state the pro-choice people agree with me on certain aspects. "

He has a crime rate across the campaign, including when he chose former NYPD commander Alison Esposito as his running mate. We have focused on the issue of rising. This is a problem that polls have struck a chord with New Yorkers and has regularly fueled Republican upsets in the past. More recently, it also includes a local contest on the 2021 Long Island.

"Unfortunately, for Kathy Hochul, [Roe 's decision] has the effect that she is praying to the gods of abortion on her political property. There will be no, "Mr. Zeldin said on Monday.

On Tuesday, Hochul focused on his progressive message after easily defeating the main Democratic enemies who ran to the left and right. And she will have more election funds to drive her points home in a very democratic state.

"Let's say it out loud. The right to abortion doesn't go anywhere, not while I'm your governor," Hochul exclaimed. "What we have shown in this victory tonight is that New York Democrats are confident in our leadership and the ability of the first woman to govern a very desolate place like New York. "