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A New Jersey man bust with 30 pounds of cocaine hidden in a wheelchair

Seized cocaine
Agent is hidden in the cushion of an electric wheelchair at Sir Good Marshall Airport at Baltimore-Washington International Airport on June 20th. I found a cocaine brick wrapped in 13 plastics. US Customs and Border Protection

A New Jersey man was caught at the airport hiding over £ 30 of cocaine. In his electric wheelchair, officials said.

Union City's Gabriel Lewis, 34, was captured on June 20 at Sir Good Marshall Airport at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. According to US customs and borders,he is back from a trip to the Dominican Republic. He is a protection official.

An agent who used an X-ray device during a secondary inspection found a brick wrapped in 13 plastics containing white powdery material inside the seat and back cushion of Lewis's Jazzy 614 electric wheelchair. discovered.

Subsequent field test kits found that the package contained 30 pounds and 3 ounces of cocaine. The estimated value is about $ 1 million, CBP officials said.

US Customs and Border Protection officials said the drugs had a street value of nearly $1 million.
US Customs and Border Protection

Lewis imports and possesses ferocious drugs Was arrested for the crime of. It's unclear if he hired a lawyer to comment on his behalf.

Notable bust is a £ 23 cocaine hidden in an electric wheelchairby a U.S. customs and border protection agentat an airport in North Carolina. It happened a few weeks after I caught the man who had it. .. Alexander Lopez Morel, 22, was also returning from the Dominican Republic when he was arrested at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on May 31, officials said.

"It's rare to hide dangerous medicine in a wheelchair seat cushion," CBP's Thomas Hefernan said in a statement. "Cross-border criminal organizations are working very hard to hide illegal drugs, but the seizure of cocaine is a creatively hidden smuggling of drug gangs by customs and border guards. By finding, we once again prove that we have a mission to protect our community. ”

CBP agents average £ 4,732 a day at air, land and sea entrances. Authorities said they were seizing the drug.