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New Jersey man Scott Korogi was sentenced to 150 years in prison for murdering a family of four in 2017.

A New Jersey man was sentenced to 150 years in prison on Thursday after shooting a family of four with a semi-automatic rifle in a New Year's Eve genocide.

Scott Korogi, 20, was convicted earlier this year on four charges of one murder, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office. ..

On December 31, 2017, within an hour of the New Year, Korogi, then 16 years old, was his grandfather's companion who was considered his mother, father, sister and grandmother. Was shot dead. ,According to the local report.

According to the Monmouth County prosecutor, he held the trigger 14 times and at the Cricket Long Branch House Linda Cricket (44), Stephen Cricket (42), Brittany Cricket (18). Attacked Mary Schultz (70 years old).

"These were bad deeds performed by someone who knew exactly what he was doing," Monmouth County Prosecutor Sean Brennan said in a press release Thursday. According to the release, he said at the hearing. "He killed them because he was able to. He killed them because he wanted."

Judge Mark Lemue of the Supreme Court of Monmouth County said the four killings were "measured." He said it caused "unknown harm." Crickets are not eligible for parole until their sentence is 127 years and 6 months.

Scott Kologi poses with a birthday cake on his 14th birthday.

"The intent of this court is that this defendant never said according to Asbury Park Press. , Again outside the prison cell, "Le Mieux said in a hearing. "I hope one day you will notice the magnitude of what you have done here."

On the night of the slaughter, Korogi called her mother into her room, where her electricity And shot her to death. Then he shot and killed his father in a hurry to see what had happened.

After killing his parents, Brennan said he "accidentally" killed his sister and Schultz, who had been at his house since the first semester of college.

Korogi has earplugs to protect himself from the sound of powerful weapons, and if he responds with a bulletproof vest before carrying out his illness plan, the weapon will be against the prosecutor. He even studied whether it was valid, the prosecutor said.

Korogi's brother and grandfather, who were also at home, were able to escape from the house.

"They survived physically, but they would still have to deal with the mental wounds of what they saw," Brennan said.

Cricket lawyer Richard Romuro claimed that his client was mentally ill and wanted only 30 years for him. The trial focused on whether he was criminally insane when he made a horrific attack, Asbury Park Press reported.

"The bottom line is that Scott is not a ruthless murderer," Romuro said, according to Asbury Park Press. "Scott suffers from a serious mental illness, but he will be sent to a state prison to be with a cold-blooded murderer."