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New York high school graduation rate may be 'inflated' during COVID pandemic: report

During the pandemic, a new report was found that high school graduation rates across the empire could have "bulged".

According to data released Monday by the New York Equity Union, three in four graduates are exempt from exams in at least one state to obtain a diploma in 2021, according to . Was used.

New York graduation rates increased by 1.3% from 2016 to 2021, according to data analyzed by state-wide policy and advocacy group The Education Trust. ..

However, the report states: "This is great news on the surface, but due to recent changes in state graduation requirements, improved graduation rates have historically provided schools with sufficient service by the education system for their students, especially for future success. It wasn't. ”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the State Department of Education has made some adjustments to the rules for regent exams. The firstcompletely canceled the 2020 standardized test. In the 2020-2021 school year, authorities allowed children to graduate without taking any exams and only required them to pass a Regent-based course by the end of summer. The

report explained that the need for flexibility during a pandemic was "understandable," but the number of students using state exam exemptions to obtain a diploma was 2020. It swelled from 10% of graduates of the year to 70% of 2021.

A new report says high school graduation rates across the Empire State may have been "inflated" during the pandemic.
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Less than 18% of graduates get diplomas without exemption, 45% used 2 or more exemptions.

At Big Apple's public schools, 66% of students used at least one tax exemption to graduate in 2020, and 60% used them in 2021.

The Ministry of Education abolished Regent in January during the surge of Omicron variants. Most recently, officialscanceled the historical Regent examin May following a racist shooting in Buffalo, with less severe students dropping to 50% "local". I have passed an emergency measure that allows me to apply for a diploma.

"High school diplomas are becoming more and more concerned that children aren't ready for college or career," said Buffalo, head of advocacy group WetheParents. Parent Samuel Radford III says.

"What does it mean to get a diploma if your child can't pass the basic skills test for employment, or if you need to take a credit-free repair course at college? "?" He said.

About three out of every four grads used at least one state test exemption to earn a diploma in 2021.
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Urban League Rochester Branch Sebron Johnson, NY Equity Coalition Relying on the exemption "disregards the very premise of diplomas," he said.

In recent years, educators have begun to consider other ways in which students can be shown to be ready for graduation. For example,a pilot program that includes oral presentations, research treatises, and scientific experiments. Bet a test, according to Education's non-profit news source Chalkbeat.

New York City Secretary of Education David Banks calls the exam "important," but says it plays an "oversized role" in public education. Adult life that is difficult to test.

New York's graduation rate has been going up since 2016, to 86.1% in 2021.
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NY Equity Coalition is about data and transparency, including youth. I asked for improvement. Adults pay the fare after graduating from high school.

This report suggests that the state's education department publishes data on graduates who went on to college and graduated, and whether they need help with restoration while in college. doing. They also sought wage and employment data.

The Ministry of Education upheld the steps taken to respond to the pandemic.

"It is worth pointing out that schools use multiple indicators to assess student learning. Standardized testing is one of those tools," officials said. I said in a statement to the post.

“Returning to normal management of the Regent exam will allow us to more accurately measure how temporary suspension of the exam affected graduation rates. We now know It's too early to draw such a conclusion based on being, "they added.