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New York Republican candidate Mike Laura stops a "vulgar" anti-abortion campaign targeting his wife

RepublicanMike Roller— DCCC ChairCongressman Sean Patrick Maloneyand Left-Handed StateSenator Alessand Raviage– Rockland County Democrats are furious at targeting his wife as part of an ongoing debate overabortion.

"Yesterday, I was raising money at the Rockland Country Club at the end of the quarter. Rockland Country Democrats organized a protest outside the fundraising and called for my wife's name to be debated. This is really disgusting, vulgar, and has no place. In politics, "Laura, 35, told Post Friday. 

The photo shows a Rockland Democrat appearing to protest his attitude towards abortion, turning from a freshman GOP member to a parliamentary candidate. 

Roller said he was lucky enough to choose two months ago for Dems to give birth to his wife, Doina Roller, and two months ago, the baby girl Juliana. He told the post that he believed he was criticizing.

"Their overall argument is that there is no choice and people will die if my wife chooses to have a baby," he said. 

Roller replaced his wife, Doina added: She is being attacked for having a baby.

On Thursday night, the Rockland Dems Twitter account posted photos of people supporting the protest, including the same man wearing "Doina's Life?". sign. An unidentified person wearing an unfit blue jump suit, a small visor, and sunglasses was depicted wearing a sign on the front with the words "Mother's life?"

Rockland County Democratic Commission Chairman John Gromada counterattacks Roller in an email to a post that called GOPer a "radical and anti-selective Republican." did. 

"If Roller gets lost, he will join House Republic's efforts to ban national abortions and deprive women here and around New York of their reproductive rights." Wrote Gromada. "It's sad that he's trying to play the victim here when the real victim becomes millions of women suffering from the consequences of the policies promoted by Laura."

Gromada organized a protest, according to a copy of the invitation email received by The Post. When asked, he did not identify a man with a sign calling for Laura's wife.

"Most New Yorkers believe in a reasonable period of time for an abortion to occur," Laura said. "Personally, I'm a professional life, but I think most New Yorkers agree that someone has a reasonable period of time to have the ability to abort. I think one will enter that first semester. "

He also called on his opponents Maloney and Biage to blame the demonstration.

"If this is a Democrat's spouse and immigrant, can you imagine anger?" Seethed Lawler, whose wife was from Moldova and acquired US citizenship in December 2020.

New York enacted the right to abortion in 2019 under the Reproductive Health Act. This allows for on-demand procedures before the fetus survives. Or if the mother's health is at stake.

The Democratic National Assembly is also poised to approve the "equality amendment"of the state constitution, which further protects fertility prior to the July 4th vacation. Proposals can go in front of voters for final approval soon next year.