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New York City Council dissatisfaction with school cuts entails an extra mountain of boldness

City council
City council leaders have blown up a $ 215 million reduction in school funding. AP

It is not uncommon for city council members to work on modest school spending cuts. As teachers' union pawns, they will always demand more money for the school. Still, their dissatisfaction this year is accompanied by an additional dose of boldness.

For one thing, the councilor himselfhimselfapproved this year's$ 110 billion city budget. This includes the city's Ministry of Education's $ 215 million savings. Now they look back and blame DOE's mismanagement.

Still, the reduction is certainly in line with the decline in registrants, which is equivalent to only 0.7% of the agency's$ 31 billionbudget. And don't forget: some of last year's school budget came from DC through the COVID Relief Fund to pay for additional pandemic-related costs. Now that the pandemic is over, we can expect a slightly smaller budget.

Get this too. According to the mayor's office, spending per student actually risesto, the highest pre-pandemic figure in the country at $ 31,434. (And the DOE will have to spendanother $ 4.3 billion of unused federal COVID stimulation funds by 2025.)

NYC classroom
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Next, there is a point from the school's prime minister, David Banks. The DOE's annual budget is $ 31 billion, but 65% of black and brown children are never proficient. He calls it "outrageous," or "betrayal."

Members of the council who really care about children, like banks, offerabout the poor quality of educational schools, not about reductions, butall. Despite those billions of them.