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New York City funeral home accused of decomposing bodies into 'mud monsters' before waking: Lawsuit

Furious family says Brooklyn Funeral Home treats loved ones' bodies so roughly that they wake up like 'mud monsters' I was accused of being seen. A family member told the Post.

Regina, who died in her sleep on June 24 at the age of 37, was her Christophe mother and ex-boyfriend, after her body was left behind. , filed a lawsuit against John J. McManus and Sons Funeral Home on Friday. At her memorial service on July 9, she was unrecognizable, attorney Kurt Robertson said in an interview.

Robertson described a nightmarish scene of "maggots crawling" out of Christophe's eyes, claiming that parts of Christophe's body were wrapped in garbage bags. It also claimed that Christophe's dress was soiled.

"The evidence strongly suggests that she had not been embalmed and had decayed over the two weeks she was at the funeral home." said Robertson.

"Apart from everything, it was the incredible stench of decaying bodies that permeated the funeral home," he added.

"It doesn't look like a person at all," said Robertson. ``You look like a mud monster.''

Christophe's mother, Chantal, said to her mother that her daughter's two children (aged 16 and her 6) had died. We finally stopped seeing each other. It's the last image they'll see," said Robertson.

But Jean, who dealt directly with the ordeal, has continued to struggle since the incident, lawyers said.

John J. McManus and Sons Funeral Home
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"She's depressed and needs counseling and it's a pretty dark idea, to say the least," said Robertson. "As a result, she was in a very dark place."

On the day of the funeral, Jean could not find the person responsible to talk about the decomposing body, and the funeral home decided to

Ultimately, the family was unable to even close the coffin because of the putrid smell. No, said Robertson. Only her picture was displayed during the service.  

Jean told News12 that she remembers "that monster in the coffin and she's not my daughter." rice field.

"Her skin was peeling off and she was no longer connected to her face," she told the station.  

Representatives for John McManus and his son's funeral home were not available for comment Tuesday night.

However, in an interview with News 12, Funeral officials blamed multiple factors for the condition of the bodies, including how long the bodies were in the heat before being brought to the coroner and how long the bodies were burned. I was in the jury room.

The funeral home took the bodies from the coroner approximately four days after they were ready for collection, according to the report.

"I was devastated by all this," said manager Anthony Tenga. "By what she looked like. I was really disappointed, both professionally and personally."

He told her family how she was feeling the day before and the day she woke up. claimed to be.

"I thought I gave them a fair warning," Tenga told News12.

The family is seeking unspecified damages.