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NYC needs to investigate an "if" error returning the murdered girl Julissia Batties to her mother: Adams

On Thursday, Mayor Eric Adams needs the city to investigate whether Julicia Batty's failed after the care of a seven-year-old Bronx girl. I said there is. Her mother,, was subsequently charged with murderfor her brutal death.

The mayor said, "Her system," referring to the child service agency's decision to keep Julicia in her mother's Bronx apartment from her father, who was overwhelmed by the girl's sorrow. Was asked to answer the claim that she failed. "She was beaten and died in August 2021.

"We need to find out exactly if there was a failure," Adams said at an unrelated press conference.

"Whenever there is a case like this, we are in the process of analyzing how we can do better," he continued. ..

Julius Battys, the dad of the murdered girl, counterattacked that the mayor needed to "do his homework."

"This is all black and white," Batties told The Post. "Look at the record and then come back to me.

Mayor Eric Adams
Robert Miller

" You all work in the city and ACS is run by the city. "He said. "It's a shame for the city, and even worse for the mayor. He has to do his homework before he speaks and judge the situation when he doesn't know what he's talking about."

The murdered youth were subject to fierce custody struggles for almost the entire life of, and paternal grandmother Yolanda Davis temporarily took custody of Julicia after birth. Given.

Davis previously "begged the child welfare agency not to send Julicia back to her mother, who lost custody of her girl at her birth, on suspicion of her negligence and physical abuse. I told the post. ..

A general view of the J.P. Mitchel Houses where a person was shot in the Bronx, NY on August 1, 2020.
Christopher Sadowski

, a tragic audio recording acquired by The Post, the young Julicia cried hysterically and asked her grandmother not to send her to a court-ordered weekend visit with her mother. The

home has a history ofknown violence,, police said at least six times between May 2018 and March 2020 on suspicion of girl abuse. I was called to an apartment in Mitchell House in NYCHA. , Sources say.

Despite her plea, Julicia was sent to visit her mother, and in opposition to opposition by her grandmother and a lawyer appointed in court, ACS springs her. I put it there forever.

The child's lifeless, broken body was found only a few months later, with evidence of trauma everywhere.

On Wednesday, mother Navasia Jones, 35, and 18-year-old brother-in-law Paul Fine, Jr. were charged with murder and manslaughter in a tragic beating. rice field.

Fine was also charged with sexual assault for sodoming her sister, even though her sister was dying on the floor, prosecutors said.

Showing a copyphoto of Julissia Batties with her Father Julius Batties
Brigitte Stelzer / copyphoto

Julicia's grandmother said Thursday that ACS saw the red flag. Ignored. "

" The child was talking to them and they weren't listening. How can I allow the child to return to the abused place? "Davis Asked.

"I'm really hurt," she added. "Today I went to the graveyard. I told her," I'm still fighting for you and I can't stop. "

Father, Julius Batties speaks at press conference held at Bronx DA’s office after arraignment held in Bronx Criminal court.
Robert Miller

An ACS spokesman said Thursday that it was prohibited by law for agents to comment on the details of a particular case.

"We conducted an intensive review of this case to do everything possible to maintain the safety of our children and the support of their families," a spokesman said. Said in an email.

However, police in one city said ACS was not working well.

Navasia Jones was charged with murder and manslaughter for killing 7-year-old Julissia Batties.
Robert Miller

"Obviously, the system failed this little girl." Former city council member Stephen said. Levin chaired the General Welfare Committee for the Body. "She shouldn't have been at home with her brother.

" Without knowing the details, it's difficult to see where the inflection decision was made, "Levin said. He added. "But it's important to review what happened to ACS as an agency ...

" The future of this girl was robbed of her, "he said. "That's just sad."

Grandmother, Yolanda Davis speaks at press conference held at Bronx DA’s office after arraignment held in Bronx Criminal court.
Robert Miller
Navasia Jones was charged with murder and manslaughter for killing 7-year-old Julissia Batties.
Robert Miller

At a press conference late Wednesday, Bronx District Attorney Darsel Clark wanted her office to be diligent. Said it took 10 months to be arrested in the case.

"The coroner is not going to hurry," Clark said. "It takes time for them to follow up on medical evidence, whatever leads to something of its nature.

" So I didn't want to hurry, "she said. "When we saw things, they took more time to do more tests to collect more evidence. It took time. As much as it took. It took time. "

Paul Fine, Jr
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Autopsy kills Julicia It was revealed that he was sodomized because he was hit and dying. Authorities said during the horrific beatings.

She had 600 millimeters of blood in her abdomen, her autopsy determined.

Both Jones and Fine were ordered to be detained without bail in their placement.

Paul Fine, Jr. is escorted from the 40th Precinct in the Bronx on June 29, 2022.
Robert Miller

Thursday's Adams also defended the delay in arrest.

"It's always important," he said. "I don't want to present the case prematurely without all the evidence ... it must be done correctly."

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