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New York City Social Services Director withheld information from Adams over homeless shelter issue: sources

Mayor Eric Adams' New York City Department of Social Services Commissioner Gary Jenkins marvels at important information about immigrants sleeping on the floor of the city's reception shelter I withheld it. Source and text obtained by The Post.

The revelation of this omission led to the firing of Julia Sabel, the agency's chief public relations officer, after she internally complained that Jenkins was withholding information from Adams and the public. The source said it was brought in when the

It is against the law to have people in municipal care sleep in reception centers. This stems from a settlement between the city and Legal Aid in 2008.

Savel was notified on Friday that her employment would be terminated immediately.

According to text and sources first reported by NBC 4 and confirmed by The Post on Wednesday, it is said that Sabel shed light on the crowded conditions inside her shelter for the city's homeless. It means that you tried to guess Jenkins wishes.  

Sabel said in an email she sent to city hall deputy press secretary Kate Smart on July 24 that she said the committee was willing to cover up what was illegal. I cannot work for."

"Not many people break the deal, but it definitely happened last week," she texted her message that day.

Department of Social Services leaders were told the family had been forced to stay overnight at the Bronx reception office on July 18, but they had legal obligations until then.

Adams would not be informed of the legal obligation until Wednesday night two days later, even though Jenkins knew on Monday, according to one source.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams stands in front of the Corona Park Unisphere to announce a new city sanitation composting program to begin this October in Queens.
Matthew McDermott

In the July text from Sabel to Smart, She wrote: Gary tried not to tell City Hall that we were breaking the law. He got angry when I said that. I've known since Monday. ''[34][35] She further texted her message, ``He didn't want anyone to know and he didn't think it would be public.''

A source told the Post that Jenkins "told him to wait to speak to legal aid." a source said of Jenkins.

(L-R): NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Shams DaBaron, a homeless advocate, NYC Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services Commissioner Gary P. Jenkins and Public Advocate Jumaane Williams appearing at a homeless awareness event outside of Morningside Park in New York, NY on July 30, 2022. (Photo/Christopher Sadowski)
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Social Services, in a statement to the Post, said staff: said to We investigated the situation on the ground to ensure that we were accurately reporting the facts to the relevant parties. Officials "recognized that the formidable pressure that had been placed on our shelter system had made it impossible for us to meet our obligations overnight."

City Hall said in a statement. In it, the city said it strives "every day to fulfill its mission to protect those in need of housing in our cities."

Commissioner Gary P. Jenkins speaks during press conference an ongoing investigation at One Police Plaza. Media was informed that the perpetrator who knifed 3 homeless people, killing one, has been arrested. The perpetrator himself is a homeless person and lived in the shelter. He was spotted by a good samaritan and reported to police.

We confirmed a handful of families one evening by the required time.After being made aware of all legal obligations, we notified the appropriate parties," spokesperson Fabian Levy said in a statement.

"Defamatory accusations when they spent nearly three months providing shelter to nearly 5,000 asylum seekers, in addition to thousands of other New Yorkers in our shelter system. We face not only disappointment, but thousands of DSS employees who work hard every day to help those most in need.”