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Members of the New York Temple travel to the Ukrainian border to bring comfort and "witnesses"

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An extraordinary journey of witnessing the struggles and struggles of the exiled Ukrainians, comforting them, and observing relief efforts on their behalf has recently taken place as a devoted group. rice field. People in the congregation at Emanu-El Temple on the Upper East Side of Manhattan traveled the border between Ukraine and Poland during the war in Ukraine. The

mission was one of thebeliefs, compassion, and consideration for the innocent people of Ukraine, who were invaded and destroyed by Russian troops more than 130 days before February 24, 2022.

When most Americans began accepting the beginning of summer on this Memorial Day weekend, a group of Temple Emanu-El Manuel, a congregation of Reform Jews representing New York CityVisited Ukraine. Instead. 

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They travel What I saw and learned inside has remained with them ever since.

Martin Bell, one of the travelers, told Fox News Digital in his recent telephone interview that he was created by his senior Rabbi, Rabbi Joshua M. He said it was a moving word for Davidson.

Members of a mission from Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan traveled to the Ukraine-Polish border recently to "bear witness," both to the struggles of the people of Ukraine and to those who are helping them pick up the pieces of their lives. Martin Bell is pictured at center (in front, in dark jacket and wearing glasses), along with other members of Temple Emanu-El. 

Mission from Emanu-El Temple in Manhattan Members recently visited the Ukrainian-Polish border to "witness" both the Ukrainian people and the struggle between the Ukrainian people. Helping them pick up fragments of their lives. Martin Bell is depicted in the center (front, dark jacket, wearing glasses), along with other members of the Temple of Emanu El.  (Emanu-El Temple, New York City)

"When I read the message of the rabbi" about travel and its meaning, Bell said, " My feeling was, "Why couldn't I go?" 

"When I was looking at what was happening in Ukraine with serious concern," to the members of the Emanu-El Temple. Rabbi Davidson said in a message. Elle, "Many of us feel helpless, wanting to help millions of people suffering from unjustified war atrocities. We are personally and jointly important. We have sent money and goods to organizations engaged in various relief efforts. To do so. "

" And now we have another way to answer the call of conscience, "Rabbi David said. Son continued.

"It's a story to be told. It's a story to be told ... We are responsible for telling others what we see," Martin Bell said. I told News Digital.

Rabbi went on to say, "We will bring together the coveted supplies to comfort those who flee the war, and to provide suffering and relief. I witness both the extraordinary efforts of the institution. Its suffering. " 

Bell told Fox News Digital that Rabbi's message was deeply inspiring to him and others.

A local resident is shown walking through the destroyed second floor of her multi-generational home while searching for salvageable items in April, in Hostomel, Ukraine, outside the city of Kyiv.

Walk upstairs where locals were destroyed In April, in Ukrainian host Mel, outside the city of Kieu, I took a picture of her multi-generational home while looking for recoverable items. (John Moore / Getty Images)

"There are three important messages, one is to help end suffering. "Bell said. We talked to a refugee who traveled 18 hours to the border with his daughter. ”— He saidto escape violence and destruction.

"And she must have seen something very scary"-including the horrific death of her fellow Ukrainians-she said frankly and directly to the group, "I We hate them all. " It is related. 

The woman mentioned a Russian who was trying to destroy Ukraine, brutally killing innocent people and destroying her property. 

A group of Temple Emanu-El members are shown during a recent trip to the Ukraine-Poland border to help bring comfort to displaced Ukrainians — people they "were privileged to meet," the travelers said afterward.  

Temple Emanuel member group travelers Later, during a recent trip to the Ukrainian-Polish border, it has been shown to help refugee Ukrainians, that is, those who are "privileged to meet", to be comforted.   (Emanu-El Temple, New York City)

Bell, how important it is for the rabbi to share that the temple team "becomes a witness" I added that. To the extraordinary efforts of relief efforts for these people. "

"This would make us sad," Bell said, in terms of seeing the charity needed by the Ukrainian people. 

"It was the opposite. It was very exciting. We are back to see how the Polish people are helping these immigrants. — And they have been supporting and supporting them since the very beginning of the war.

From the Temple of Group Emanuel, I brought a duffel bag filled with donated supplies for the desperate Ukrainians who fled for their lives. 

"About 5 million people have left Ukraine," Bell said. "3.5 million people went to Poland"

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According to Mr. Bell, the group at the Temple of Emanuel received supplies donated by members of the temple for the desperate Ukrainians who had fled for their lives. I brought a duffel bag. 

Temple travel members have virtually opened their eyes. Every time he stopped on the way, Bell showed.

Temple members who traveled to the Ukraine-Poland border are shown amid their recent trip to bring comfort and bear witness. 

Members of the temple who traveled to the border between Ukraine and Poland Has been shown in recent trips to bring comfort and become a witness.  (Emanu-El Temple in New York City)

"We were at the border and at a checkpoint where people passed by," he said. There are dozens of tents, "Bell said, full of volunteers and staff to help refugees. The tent is full of food, clothing, medicines, SIM cards for mobile phones, and items that Ukrainians need.  

Some of these operations are performed by NGOs. Others are run by everyday people. 

In connection with Bell, everywhere the group went, they saw relief efforts "initially initiated by everyday Poles" — and they were refugees. Continued to run them to help the Ukrainians, he said, refugees are mainly women and children).

Rabbi Davidson of Temple Emanu-El devoted a portion of a recent Friday service to tell the story of a congregational mission to Ukraine, which he led among members of his temple. 

Rabbid Davidson of the Temple of Emanuel says he is his A recent Friday service to talk about the mission of the congregation to Ukraine led among the members of the temple.  (Emanu-El Temple, New York City)

These everyday people "looked at the need and faced the challenge," Bell said. Told. 

He said, "The part about being a witness-it really resonates with me and everyone in our group. In part, the world where theHolocaust exists. It may be the Jewish reaction in. Denier"said Bell. "We wanted to be able to go there and come back to tell others what we saw."

"It's a story to tell. It's a word. It's a story that must be told, "he said again. 

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Fox News Digital is a member of another temple that traveled I also talked to Wendy Gerber.

"We cannot really capture the devastation and destruction that took place in their lives."

It was "that we were able to help Ukrainian refugees." It was great, "Gerber said, but" we can't really capture the devastation and destruction that happened in their lives. "

She shared some examples. 

"I became very close to a refugee named Sarah from Mariupol.She was 37 years old and had three children, of whom. One had autism, and they stayed home [but] when the shootings approached them dangerously, they had to head to the basement of a friend's house, where they were the other. I stayed with a family of three for more than 30 days. "

An image of a family displaced from their home in Ukraine by the war begun by Russia — a war that is now over 130 days old. 

Image of a family exiled from their home in Ukraine By a war initiated by Russia — now more than 130 days ago.  (Courtesy: Temple Emanu-El )

"Situations continue to get worse and they know they need to leave. ". Gerber.

But a young Ukrainian mother "she wept when she told us about her decision to leave," Gerber said. 

"The green corridor should have been a safe haven area for Ukrainians," she said — "but the Russians are still shooting Ukrainians. "She said.

"Finally, they made the decision they needed to go," and they had to put it at risk, Gerber said. 

"The Green Corridor was considered a safe haven for Ukrainians."

"And they were Mariupol. When driving out of, they were passing by the corpse on the street — and I can't even imagine how difficult it must have been. I have three children, "Gerber said. Added. 226}

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She is a family Said that the first stop on his way home was the synagogue — Gerber said, "When they stopped for a blessing," when I knew it, "Wow, these are really devoted and devout. I thought, "she said. 

The woman's husband actually drove Sarah and their three children were safe — Gerber said — and he returned to Ukraine.

A view shows buildings destroyed by shelling in Borodyanka, Ukraine, on Monday, May 2, 2022. 

The view will be on Monday, May 2, 2022. Shows a building destroyed by bombardment in Borodianka, Ukraine.  (REUTERS / Zohra Bensemra / TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

A And he said he safely took the other 25 from Ukraine. Gerber added.

"What's amazing to me is that Sarah and I have been in close contact with each other since we broke up in Warsaw," Gerber said. "And almost every day she sends me notes and photos. It's just a pain."

The woman is demolishing her former apartment building, her home. She said she saw her. They were able to escape withsome clothes, some paper, but nothing more. "They left behind laptops, photos and all the important items," Gerber said.

She shared that Sarah showed me a picture of her 12-year-old son, and to this day, how he has a shrapnel in his hand.

"Or maybe God likes me — because I'm alive today."

The boy said to her, " Why doesn't God like me because he destroyed my building and destroyed my house. "But then he also said to his mother," Or God. Maybe you like me-because I'm alive today. "

Gerber said he was very impressed with the young boys having to think of such thoughts — the type of thoughts young people shouldn't think of.

Wendy Gerber of Temple Emanu-El shared her story with members of the congregation during a recent Friday evening service. She spoke with Fox News Digital about what she saw and heard at the Ukraine-Poland border. 

Wendy Gerber of the Temple of Emanuel recently told her story Members of the congregation during worship on Friday evening. She talked to FoxNews Digital about what she saw and heard at the Ukrainian-Polish border.  (Emanu-El Temple, New York City)

She paints and paints with young children in one of the shelters. He said he spent some time doing things — "and they were just having a friendly and friendly conversation while painting." 

Gerber later I learned from one of the people of the Jewish institution that the children were talking — and they were only 7 or 8 years old — this is: one of the children “the rest of the toys” Was blown up, so I brought only one toy from my house. "

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Rabbi at a temple service on Friday evening in June Davidson described a special trip. , "It was a congregational effort." 

"From our experience, we know that it is a sacred duty to be a witness."

He thanked the members of the congregation who were sent to Ukraine and donated the supplies distributed to the poor and refugees. He also said there was a monetary donation made in the form of a grant.

"The experience was profound for each of us on this journey," said Rabbi Davidson.

Martin Bell shared his experiences in Ukraine with members of the congregation during a recent Friday evening service. "We also saw the very best of humanity — the glory of humanity," said Bell, referencing the efforts of the Polish people to help the Ukrainians on a daily and ongoing basis. 

Martin Bell shares his experience in Ukraine Congregation during worship last Friday evening. "We also saw the best humanity, the glory of humanity," Bell said, referring to the Polish efforts to help the Ukrainians daily and continuously.  (Emanu-El Temple in New York City)

"We have traveled to bring relief," said Rabbid Davidson. 

"But we could also witness the suffering of the Ukrainian people. In this world, we can not only close our eyes on human suffering, but also write it out of history. From our own experience, we know that being a witness is a sacred duty. "

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He also wanted to remember "the extraordinary heroes of countless Polish citizens." He helps the Ukrainians on a daily basis, gives himself every day, thinks about others, and brings hope for a "brighter tomorrow." Again, Rabbi said it was important to testify.

Especially in Krakow, the group experienced a "growing, vibrant, young Jewish community." 

Rabbi Davidson also said that the group was "a growing, vibrant, young Jewish community," especially in Krakow. 

The group recognized that "Poland today is not a hotbed of anti-semistism, which is believed to be due to the history of the 20th century. In fact, Jewish people throughout the centuries-old Polish history before the Holocaust. There is growing interest in Judaism in the country because of the importance of cultural life. ”

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Finally, he said, "We all took extraordinary pride in the work of the Polish Jewish community, which cares for Ukrainians of all faiths."

Rabbi said it was a "powerful journey." 

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