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NYU students escape Shanghai's COVID lockdown, trapped in Hainan

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Brian Hall left Shanghai in June to avoid another blockade of his residence,and fled to Hainan Island,a tropical tourist island in China, where he spent 10 After a day of health care, I was able to work remotely as a professor of public health. quarantine.

For the past two years, his Hall, which has worked atNew York University Shanghai, is currently stranded in Sanya, a major tourist hub on Hainan Island, and when will he be able to leave? It is not clear whether

"I am no longer able to leave the city. The hotel I am staying in is locked down and guests are not allowed to leave their rooms as directed by the city," Hall told Reuters in an email. Told.

Shanghai continues to remain in lockdown even after city achieves 'coronavirus-free' milestone

2 With a small number of cases for more than a year, it is now battling an outbreak, and with a weakening economy, the risk of continued stringent regulation is heightened.

As China sticks to their strict "zero-COVID" policy, a delivery worker has to pass deliveries over a barrier of a locked down neighborhood in Sanya, Hainan province, China, on Aug. 6, 2022.

China Sticks to Strict 'Zero COVID' Middle August 6, 2022, a delivery man needs to pass a delivery across a barrier in the locked down district of Sanya, Hainan province, China.(Reuters)

"My emotions naturally range from complete denial and disbelief to anger, sadness and ultimately despair." said Hall, who, like millions of people in Shanghai, endured a grueling two-month lockdown earlier this year.

"It was not the lockdown here that revisited me, but the memory of the lockdown in Shanghai and my sense of unease about what the fall would bring to Shanghai and elsewhere."

Hainan province, which recorded just two local symptomatic COVID-19 cases last year, has already reported more than 1,800 domestic infections in August.

Although low by global standards, authorities on the island have placed millions of residents on lockdown, state media reported,as part of China's "dynamic COVID-zero" policyAs such, it aims to eradicate the outbreak as soon as possible. You will only be allowed out for certain reasons, such as COVID testing, grocery shopping, or essential work roles.

State media reported that some 178,000 tourists were stranded in Hainan, including about 57,000 from Sanya.

Virus tests new normal as China clings to 'zero coronavirus'

in my room A hotel with essentials such as food and water, he could not have predicted what could have happened, but he had to accept it.

"If we want to live and work here, we must be able to plan flexibly and accommodate these disruptions."