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Behavior, Fido! Refreshing male dogs can get cancer by sniffing their butt

Fido's refreshingness means that male dogs are more likely to develop certain types of cancer than females.

Canine transmissible infectious disease (CTVT) is due to cancer cells "attaching" to new dogs, according to a study by researchers at the University of Cambridge recently published in theVeterinary Record {. Spreads between dogs by skin contact. 8}.

Contact is caused by mating, but also by sniffing and licking the buttocks and crotch — male dogs are a more frequent activity than females.Newsweek reported.

The cases of genital CTVT are the same for men and women, but studies show that men are four to five times more likely to get an oral-nasal version that affects the nose and mouth.

"Male dogs smell vaginal discharge more often than female dogs," the authors state in a treatise. "In addition, female genital CTVT tumors are more exposed than males and tend to be licked and sniffed."

Oronasal presentation of canine transmissible venereal tumour (CTVT). CTVT affecting (a) nasal and (b) oral areas.
Martina Mayr (Animal Rescue Cambodia) / KatherinePolak (FOUR PAWS) and Ada Krupa

Of the 2,000 cases, 32 cases were oral and nose versions and 27 cases were male dogs. Did.

Although more common in men, licking causes CTVT tumors is still rare overall. 

"The rarity of oral and nasal CTVT in the population is that of snuff and licking CTVT, even though frequent opportunities to lick and sniff transmission behavior can occur. It suggests that the transmission is an unlikely result, "the authors say. Said.

The disease can also be caused by smelling the anal glands of other dogs, helping to determine if they have met before.

CTVT dates back to a dog that spread like a wildfire after being contacted 11,000 years ago. According to Newsweek, it is most commonly found in free-walking dogs and stray dogs.