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On this day in history, August 9, 1936, Jesse Owens won his fourth gold medal at the Berlin Olympics.

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Jesse Owens, one of the most shocking stars in track and field history, with record speed and athleticism that humiliated Adolf Hitler on the world stage. ,won his fourth gold medal in Berlin. This historic Olympic Games on August 9, 1936. Hegemony," he wrote in his 2000, ESPN, placing Owens at his number one spot. He ranks sixth on the list of greatest North American athletes of the 20th century. 

Jesse Owens ran the first leg of his 4x100 relay as he and his American teammates Foy Draper, Ralph Metcalfe and Frank Wykoff finished with his world record of 39.8 seconds. We have won. 

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She is 1.3 seconds faster than silver medalist It was an astonishing result for Italy. 

Germany came in third for him. 

The USA Relay mark on his team lasted for his 20 years. 

Members of the American relay team that won the 400-meter relay race at the Olympics in Berlin. They bettered the world and the Olympic records at 0:39.8 seconds. Left to right: Jesse Owens, Ralph Metcalfe, Foy Draper and Frank Wykoff on Aug. 18, 1936.

Members of the winning American relay team 400m relay at the Berlin Olympics. They broke the world and Olympic records with his 0:39.8 seconds. Left to right: Jesse Owens, Ralph Metcalfe, Foy His Draper, and Frank Wyckoff on August 18, 1936.(Getty Images)

Owens' Berlin convention. 

In this one week, he finished his 100m (10.3s, Olympic record), 200m (20.7s, world record) and long jump (8.06m, below his personal record). won the world championship. His world record is 8.13 meters). 

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"In a week, in the summer of 1936, in the Holy Land of the Homeland, a Master Athlete humiliated the Master Race," declared ESPN.

Owens was 22 at the time.

He had just started an illustrious career atOhio State University 

Adolf Hitler (left, foreground) congratulates shot put athletes at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, shaking hands with bronze medal winner Gerhard Stoeck of Germany. Also, from left: Nazi leader Hermann Goering, Kurt Daluege (General of Police), gold medalist Hans Woellke of Germany (center), followed by Hitler's personal adjutant Wilhelm Brueckner (half-covered) and (far right) silver medalist Sulo Baerlund of Finland, on August 2, 1936.

Adolf Hitler (left, foreground) shakes hands with German bronze medalist Gerhard Stock at the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a shot put athlete congratulations on Also from left: Nazi leader Hermann Göring, Kurt Dalage (police chief), gold medalist German Hans Welke (middle), Hitler's personal aide Wilhelm Bruckner (half-covered). , (far right) Silver medalist Germany's Slo Bahlund Finland, August 2, 1936.(Heinrich Hoffmann/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

This was the final gold medal for Owens in his game against Berlin. 

The week before, he finished in his 100m (10.3s, Olympic record), 200m (20.7s, world record) and long jump (8.06m, shorter than his own record). won the world championship. His world record is 8.13 meters). 

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"21-year-old Owens broke a world record by averaging every nine minutes," said the International Olympic Committee in a profile of Owens and his seemingly superhuman achievement. said. 

Owens is highly regarded among his sports fans not only in the United States, but around the world. 

American Jesse Owens running in the 200-meter sprint — a new Olympic record — in Berlin, August 4, 1936. 

American Jesse Owens 200- 1936 4 August 2008 Berlin Meter Sprint — New Olympic Record —  (Austrian Archives/Imagno/Getty Images)

BBC in 1999 Sports Personality of the Century's six finalists, including Brazilian global football star Pele and American boxer Muhammad Ali, were voted for the highest honors by the British public. 

Owens, who died in 1980, was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 1990.


According to the U.S. House of Representatives, he represents "the highest expression of national appreciation for outstanding achievement and contribution." 

"The Berlin Olympics were supposed to be a showcase for Hitler's theory of master race supremacy," Bush presents the award to Ruth Owens, widow of President George H.W. Runner. 


It was a triumph for a sport without mercy, but more than that, it truly was a triumph for all mankind.”

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