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After the end of the Roe v. Wade case, interest in online abortion drugs surged

New York (CNN Business)Since last week's Supreme Court, there has been a lot of access to safe and legal abortions in the United States. Limited in the state of Roe v. With the decision to overturn Wade, people seeking abortion are increasingly turning to online resources to seek medical care.

Traffic to the telemedicine abortion platform has skyrocketed in the past few days and weeks, rising 456% compared to the previous month when draft opinions were leaked in May, and an additional 20 per month. % Increased According to similar web data, the final decision of the Supreme Court was announced in June.These platforms reached 5.3 million web visits in June, and discontinued pill startups are expanding rapidly to meet growing demand.

On June 24, when the decision was announced, visits to the telemedicine abortion platform surged 2,585% from the previous day to 436,727, according to Similarweb. The next day, traffic increased by more than 50%.

Plate forms that have benefited from growing interest include startups such as Choix, Hey Jane, and Just the Pill. These startupshave recently beentelemedicine and mailed to provide abortion prescriptions to a limited number of women in the states. Thanks to deregulation at the federal level, these start-ups say the service can reduce travel time, waiting time in the office, and costs. However, these companies are facing increasingly hostile legislative environments withregulations as they seek to expand beyond state boundaries to meet rapidly growing demand.

Roe v. Choix has seen a 600% increase in web traffic since Wade overthrow, the company says. According to the company, within four days of the decision, Just The Pill made more than 260 booking requests online, up from the usual 20 to 25 per day. Hayjane saw site traffic increase nearly 10-fold and patient demand more than doubled compared to last month's average. According to the company, Abort Pill startups are pushing for expansion beyond the current six states, treating 25 times more patients every day than they did 15 months ago.

Karafem, an organization in several states that offers both remote medical appointments and discontinuances by mail, has seen a surge in web traffic, doubled the number of calls, and " Request for abortion care ".

Just The Pill launches a new initiative, Abortion Delivered. This initiative uses mobile clinics to provide drug abortion to address the "massive influx of people in need of care now." , In a statement, Medical Director of Just The Pill and Abortion Delivered. "We are not afraid. We oppose reproductive depression by bringing care to those who need it most and providing more affordable and accessible care."

Mobile clinics operate on state borders, reducing travel problems for patients coming from more restrictive states. By working outside the boundaries of traditional buildings, according to Dr. Amaon, the effort will be able to adapt more quickly to changing laws.

According to the company, Pill's first mobile clinic will be operational in Colorado starting this week. At the second, larger clinic, which will open this summer, patients who are not eligible for drug therapy discontinuation (11 weeks or more of pregnancy) or who choose to do so, and same-day contraception and STI Provides procedural cancellation for. process.

Choix announced on Thursday that it is expanding its care to New Mexico as the state prepares for an influx of out-of-state abortion seekers. The company's goal is to provide legal abortion to all states by the end of 2023. It currently serves in three other states.

Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2000, so-called abortion pills (including taking two medications, Mifepriston and Misoprostr), are now more than half of all abortions in the United States. Occupy. Guttmacher Institute, a research institute that supports the right to abortion. Initially restricted by postal delivery, Mifepriston was approved by the FDA for the prescription and delivery of online pharmacies at the start of the pandemic, after which a permanent decision was made. (Misoprostol, which is also used to prevent ulcers, has long been available on prescription.)

Remote care from services such as Choix and Hey Jane costs about half the national average. .. They are also affiliated with the Abortion Fund to provide financial assistance to patients as needed. Still, the cost of these drugs is between $ 249 and $ 289, including consultation fees, medications, shipping costs, and provider check-in.

Currently, people seeking to obtain abortion drugs in a hostile legislative environment are increasingly using the many remote medical options that pop up online.

"Last year we saw the telemedicine abortion platform grow into a major battlefield in the battle for abortion rights," said Sneha Pandy, an expert analyst at Similarweb data. I am. "Many states are trying to ban all forms of miscarriage, including 19 states that have already banned telemedicine abortion, but this is a place that is largely unregulated. Telemedicine and postal order abortion. It is very difficult to enforce a complete ban because of the availability of. "