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Opinion: Don't be fooled by Boris Johnson's support for Ukraine

Sam Kileyis a senior international correspondent on CNN. The views expressed in this commentary are his own. See more of his views on CNN.

Kharkiv (CNN)More meaningful from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to a man educated in Sophistry so much that the truth doesn't make sense It's hard to imagine a word. He warned that if Russian President Vladimir Putin's war machine became widespread in Ukraine, "the impact on the world would be absolutely devastating."

He is absolutely right about it. The same is true when he met with Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G7 Summit in Bavaria this week whendescribed Ukraine as "Knife Edge".

This is strange. Johnson has two things in common with Putin, so his support for Ukraine serves far more of the strategic objectives of the Russian president than threatens them.

Ukrainians are dying for the right to join the European Union. Putin, an international organization that Johnson fought to leave, worked hard to undermine it.

Ukrainians also seek the protection provided by international law. This is a world orderbased on the rule that Johnson proudly tears, unlike the former KBG boss who currently runs Russia. Illegal annexation of Crimea and invaded Ukraine.

The country that confronted Putin's invasion is now feeding its youth on a Russian meat grinder slowly chewing on eastern territory.

Soldiers (both Ukrainian and foreign volunteers) are more worried about Ukraine losing the best soldiers than ever before. ThatRussian giant dominatesand, above all, needs NATO's best weapons-and yesterday.
In a recentSunday Times, "Putin has resorted to attrition warfare and is trying to crush Ukraine with total atrocities, so we have ourselves for a long war. I have to train, "he told his country.article.

The British Prime Minister has made two pilgrimages to Kieu, the capital of Ukraine. There he promised President Volodymyr Zelensky weapons, money and unwavering diplomatic support.

"The price of retreat, Putin's success, most of Ukraine's hacking, the price of continuing his conquest program, the price will be much higher. Everyone here understands it. Johnsonsaid in an interview with a bystander at the G7 Summit.
Ukrainians are facing real pressure and have to procure energy from elsewhere, but they do it, strive and sacrifice. That's because they see "the price for freedom is worth paying", he added.

Johnson has long sought to lead British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II. But no matter how welcomed he is in Kyiv, he rarely convinces him that he understands that much of the freedom Ukrainians seek is within the EU.

In 2016, Johnson mistakenly vowed that£ 350 billion($ 425 billion) of money sent to Europe would be returned to banks in a nasty campaign. It stimulated his support for leaving the EU. Of England.
Johnson promised"Sunlit Highlands"for a lush and comfortable land. But today, Sceptard Island is a more corrupt island. Freedom to work anywhere in the block-now defeated by the Britons. The freedom of access to the market for 500 million people is now lost to the Britons.

For years, a disturbed political magician, Johnson was the golden boy of the British Conservative Party. He is a favorite of comedy shows. Johnson's fake complaints led to the victory of Brexit and the landslide general election.

According to his sister Rachel, the young Johnsonsaid he wanted to be the "king of the world."As an adult, he had to resolve his ambition to become head of government in Britain. And he stopped for a moment to achieve that goal.
But in June, when Johnson's Conservatives were wiped out in twoby-elections, Johnson's party crown covered his face.
He survivedone vote within his party to leave his seat.However, the Tory backbencher is trying to change therule, so you may soon face another problem-that is, another distrust resolution within 12 months. You may be kicked out with.

These domestic hardships may explain his passionate interest in Ukraine. However, he carefully avoided his reference to the essence of the fight against Russia, his desire for Ukraine to join the European Union.

Meanwhile, the UK is suffering from the cancellation of international flights at Heathrow Airport and the collapse of the aviation industry facing thepile of luggage. The legal system is confused as barristers strikeover claims that net income is below the UK minimum wage. Railroad workersstaged a walkout and even threatened. Teachers are on the verge of taking action as inflation surges ahead of rising wages.
The European security and cooperation organizationstates that the UK economy will grow at 3.6% this year and not at all next year. Only Russia will get worse, organizations in 38 countries said in their latest report. It is shrinking by 4.1%. But it has the consequences of disciplinary international sanctions to blame and the cost of invading Ukraine.
Britain's financial malaise cannot all be blamed on Brexit. According to the OECD, Russia's "unprovoked aggression"has slowed global growth.It is expected to drop to 3% this year and to 2.8% in 2023. Covid-19 is also making that sacrifice.
However, the UK's GDP growth rate was the highest at G7a little over a year ago.
Slides to 19 of the 20in the OECD rankings of the G20 countriesare partly due to supply chain disruptions, trade slowdowns and labor shortages. Must be there. Decrease in board and investment following Brexit.

Johnson's government fails to secure a trade deal with Brussels because of all his cries about becoming prime minister to break the political impasse and "achieve Brexit." Did.

In addition, his government has announced a bill to revoke one transaction with the EU, theNorthern Ireland Protocol. This was negotiated and signed by Johnson himself.

Doing so almost certainly violates international law. Plans to impose tariffs on steel imports into the UK run the risk of violating the rules of the World Trade Organization. And it runs the risk of a trade war with steel-producing China, India and Turkey.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled thatstopped sending asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda, and the Johnson administration is now threatening to leave jurisdiction. increase.

The World Trade Organization (WTO), a child of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), was a very British vision. The Northern Ireland Protocol is a treaty between the United Kingdom and the EU aimed at ensuring the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland.

Breaking into the structure of these contracts undermines Britain's position in the world.

The British Prime Minister's threat to leave ECHR, a court established by Britain to establish a pan-European legal system to prevent atrocities in Europe after World War II, is Ukrainian. Must seem strange to you. ..

They will definitely love a little ECHR now.

Ukrainian investigators seek the help of international organizations to track down suspected war crimes. Just as Johnson leaves them, it promises to join an international organization like the EU.

Indeed, it was Ukraine's desire to join the EU that revolutionized Putin's supporters of anti-EU President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.

The same desire is probably the number one reason for Putin's invasion. The excuse for the abuse of international law he mentioned was"de-Nazify"Ukraine, which was to stop the country from joining NATO.
However, the democratic and free EU member states at the doorstep of Putin, with a considerable Russian-speaking population, are the images of Colonel Muang Margadafi, the leader of Libya. It is a kind of personal threat that must be reminded of. The disgraceful end. The dictator doesn't want to put a bayonet on the back to end the rule.
"Everyone knows that Ukrainians are willing to die from a European perspective. We want them to live with European dreams," said EU President. Ursula von de Araien said.
That is not the cause Johnson understands. And he doesn't mention it. Instead, at a NATO meeting in Madrid this week, he needs "allies-all allies" to"deep"and meet NATO's needs with additional defense spending. I'm talking about it.

This is not a new discussion, one NATO member country listens.

But not from the British Prime Minister, who has problems domestically and cannot trust to even keep his written promises abroad.