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Opinion: Her "white life" slip-up spoke volume. What followed was just as uneasy

Former lawyer Dean Obedara is the host and daily beast columnist of Sirius XM Radio's daily program Dean Obedara Show. Follow him@DeanObeidallahThe opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. Read more about CNN.

(CNN)At Donald Trump's "Save America" ​​rally this weekend, Illinois Republican US Congressman Mary Millerwasthe best. We welcomed the court's decision to overthrow. Low vs. Wade as "a historic victory in White Life".

Social mediaexploded after her remarks on Saturday nightand many peopleonlinewhether the comment was Freud's voucher. 20} I was wondering. Others have theorized that Miller simply said "loud the quiet part."
Dean Obeidallah
Dean Obeidallah
Her spokespersonis1st It meant that Congressmen called it a "historic victory for the right to life" rather than a "white life." But something else Miller said at the rally, she didn't dismiss as a guff, is wary of itself.
GOP Rep.refers to the moment when former PresidentDonald Trump, who stood behind her on the podium, said, "I am very honored to have your support." ..

"I'm honored."

How can a patriotic American be honored to be supported by Trump? How can they share the stage with him following the revelations revealed at the Commission's hearing on January 6th?

Hearing testimony records the former president'spersonal involvementin trying to overturn the election. And it shows how his non-stop elections played a role in setting the stage for the January 6th attack, against many individuals from fellow Republicans totwo. 49} Leads to the threat of violence. Georgia Election Worker
Miller, the then presidentpersonally pressured the electoral authorities, and he was the result of the 2020 election-he was an election fraud He was repeatedly told by his own aides that there was no evidence of this. Nevertheless, he continued to pressure state election authorities to support his attempt to overturn the 2020 election results.
Or perhaps the Illinois legislatorafter uncovering the lie of his election fraud to a high-ranking official of his own Department of Justice in late December 2020"I was honored" to be approved by the man who urged me. -"Say the election is corrupt and leave the rest to me and Republican lawmakers." As a former lawyer president, Eric Holder tweetedin response to his testimony. "This is a smoking gun. Coupled with other testimonies, it shows both the substantial involvement of Trump, the corrupt intent, and the necessary state of mind."

Or apparent in the testimony. Miller said Trump sent a tweet attacking his vice president Mike Pence after being told that violence had occurred during the attack on the Capitol on January 6th. You may be "honored". Hearing at the committee earlier this month.

Wyoming US Parliamentarian Lizchainy-Vice Chairman of the Committee-stated it frankly at the first hearing of the panel earlier this month. "Donald Trump's intention was that the United States violated his constitutional obligation to relinquish power, despite the legitimate consequences of the 2020 election."
And The Commission provided a set of evidence to substantiate the allegations that Trump mademultifaceted effortsto overturn the 2020 election. I don't have much honor in that.
After Pence refused to suspend President Byden's victorious parliamentary recognition on January 6, Trump was angry by a swarm of protesters from his own staff, Mark Meadows. I was told that I was torn. Illuminating an already dangerous situation that puts the life of the Vice President at risk,Trump told, Pence "did not have the courage to do what he had to do to protect our country and the Constitution." Tweeted.
Miller's feeling of "honored" is a revelation in last week's testimony that Trump, along with lawyer Rudy Giuliani, forged theaccusation. It may have been created by. "Shay" Moss, a black female poller in Fulton County, Georgia, and her mother, Ruby Freeman, were involved in the election fraud.

As a result of the lies of Trump and Giuliani-as painfully learned during the women's testimony-the pair was exposed to a flood of racial insults and threats of death. The situation became so dangerous that the FBI eventually instructed Freeman to leave home temporarily for her own safety. As Freeman, known as "Lady Ruby," told the Commission, she "does you know how the US President feels to target you?"

Thousands of peopleappeared at a rally on Saturday to support Trump, given sufficient evidence of his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. I'm worried about that. Americans should not hesitate to discuss politics enthusiastically, but draw a line when it comes to helping fraudulent leaders who were voted absent and played a major role in the failure of the coup d'etat attempt. is needed.

In the future, we can only expect to thoroughly grill Republicans like Mary Miller, who says they are "honored" for the media's support for Trump. Americans have the right to know exactly which part of Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election feels most respected.