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Opinion: The aftershocks of an abortion earthquake in the United States will be felt for decades

I am deeply concerned about our country.

No matter where you stand on this issue, I'm a professional life, but I don't support the ban on abortion. This ruling, as most of us know, represents a major change in American life.

I am 43 years old and Roe is older than me. There are morepeople living today who did not know America without Roe than those who lived without Roe.

It is dangerous to leave nothing and get rid of what many women knew only as a right for nearly 50 years. It's tough to criminalize medical procedures, unleash police and prosecutors, and bring together women, doctors, and Uber drivers. It is uncivilized and medieval to let women choose between prison and carrying a baby rapist.

Politics-and to be honest, Cable News sometimes-has misassembled abortion debates for decades. You probably believe that the country is made up of people who want to ban and criminalize abortions and those who want to have an abortion without restrictions. That's just a mistake. The majority of Americans are in the middle of-we support abortion in some, but not all, situations. The overthrow of
Roe serves a small number of Americans at the expense of a majority of. It's regressive, unrealistic, and pure. And don't forget that it's completely political.

You don't have to be an advocate of abortion to think that this is a sad decision, a sad day for women, and a difficult time for our country.

SE Cupis a political critic at CNN.

Bachio Chierica: Our feminist ancestors will be proud of this decision

Much of the mainstream media reaction to Dobbs' decision is It was an overwhelming condemnation of what it was, according to's dissenting, "reducing women's rights and reducing women's status as free and equal citizens." Is considered. The constitutional right to abortion, which is currently denied, has, after all, been the basis of feminist protests for more than half a century.
However, this limited understanding of history completely ignores the position of professional life in the zeal of the American women's movement at its origin. Womenwho fought for property, contracts, education, and voting rightsin marriage, such as Matilda Gauge and Victoria Woodhull, opposed abortion without exception. Condemning the practice in the strongest possible language, they considered it a violation of human rights.

These women, who were treated as property, knew that they could not treat their unborn children that way. Rather, they correctly understood that they were mothers and had all the responsibilities of being a mother when they first developed in the mother's womb, not when the child was born.

Thus, these courageous and pioneering women worked for a society that was kind to the vulnerable, their dependents, and their caregivers.

Roe and Casey prevented progress towards this goalby summarizingon the need for autonomous and unimpaired workers in the capitalist market. .. The Dobbs Court paved the way again by regaining the state's right to protect humans at all stages of dependence.
Bringing together everyone working hard for women and children around the world,Vision of our feminist ancestors: Welcome all children Will we move forward towards the creation of society-and deeply kind to the mothers and fathers who care for them.

Erika Bachiochiis a Fellow of the Center for Ethics and Public Policy and author of "Women's Rights: Regeneration of the Lost Vision". .. She co-authored the Amikas Briefs submitted by many scholars, experts, and professional life organizations to support the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization in Mississippi.

Leah Litman: Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization's Supreme Court ruling can take decades to reverse Dobbs

Will have serious and cross-generational consequences for Americans. It is alive. It is also the cornerstone of a decades-long campaign led by the Republicans to rule the Supreme Court. Democrats need to understand that reversing Dobbs can take an equally long time, and the work required to achieve that.

Long before former President Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidatehad promised to appoint a judge to the US Supreme Court to dismiss the Roe v. Wade case. .. Less publicly, but less importantly, theconservative legal movementis to create anetwork and opportunity for lawyers to abolish the right to abortion.I was working on it.

They have advanced the generation of lawyers to develop conferences, awards and lecture promises, qualify and advance the Republican vision for the United States. And they helped those lawyers get clerical jobs with judges and jobs in both state and federal governments-and more.

Dobbs represents the culmination of that campaign. Current and future generations of Democrats need to understand the kind of work that the Republicans have successfully hijacked the Supreme Court, and the kind of ruthlessness. And above all, the Democratic Party should focus on the court movement.

Democratic organizers and voters go to vote and call representatives of all open judiciary in judges who promise that Democrats will protect our democratic rights. You need to make sure that you are filling the vacancies. And democratic leaders need to foster and build networks to advance young progressive lawyers, rather than creating them themselves.

Leah Litmanis an assistant professor of law at the University of Michigan and co-host of the Crooked Media podcast Strict Scrutiny. She is one of the many constitutional scholars who submitted the Amikas Briefs to support the Jackson Women's Health Organization of the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women's Health Organization.

Ashley Allison: It didn't make sense in 1952, but it certainly doesn't make sense now

At the age of 14, I said " I wish I could talk about these walls. " Set in 1952, the movie's most tragic scene depicts a Demi Moore character trying to have an abortion with a knitting needle. Her attempt fails and she will try again later-eventually bleeding and dying. I remember thinking that it didn't make sense for a woman to be in such an unstable situation.

It didn't make sense in 1952, but it certainly doesn't make sense now. But let's make it clear that this is not a movie. Banning abortion in much of America is our new reality. Dobbs' decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case and allow the state to restrict access to abortion in unison is an incomprehensible setback in our progress.

As a black-American woman of childbearing age who believes in freedom of choice, I tremble with the outlook for this new political reality. But what's worse, as Judge Clarence Thomas argued, the court opened the door toto overturn other fundamental rights, from marriage equality to access to contraception.

The Supreme Court's overkill and overthrow of case law reflect the world's patriarchal view of trying to control the female body. But let me say this loudly and clearly. We are in 2022, so we will never go back to 1952 or even 1992. It's my body and my choice.

Ashley Allisonis the CEO of the Turner Conoly Group and a consultant to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. She is a former senior adviser to former President Barack Obama and a senior aide to the Biden Harris campaign.

Timothy Stanley: Religious Conservatives thank God and Trump

The Supreme Court's ruling is a religious conservative victory. They, along with former President Donald Trump, will thank God for this result.

Of course, many non-religious Americans are against abortion, but since the 1970s, anti-abortion campaigns have been the driving force behind American religious political activity, a unified theme, and the Republican Litmus test. .. candidate.

It provides the Church's response to the moral revolution of the 1960s, opposition to abortion, the death penalty, and social injustice. And it bridged the sectarian division with the evangelicals: the battle against Roe v. Wade, not so long ago, united those who believed their allies would go to hell.
Conservativesoften complain that the Left has hijacked American institutions by infiltrating their personnel and ideas into influential positions-but it just captured the Republicans. Many of them are religious themselves, in order to appoint a conservative judge, which is what the right wing did by using its power.
One of the big ironies of history is that Trump (a president who has little interest in religion criticized by the Pope as) nominates three critical judges. It means that it took. Those who practice or raise Catholics will bring the greatest victory in the anti-abortion movement in history. It gives him a stronger claim to the 2024 Republican nomination. Trump won it.

This is not the end of the battle. The decision does not automatically ban all abortions, but sends the problem back to the state. In the state, supporters agree or disagree, and citizens need to vote. conscience.I have been working and praying for this result for 10 years and are preparing for a thousand new battles.

Timothy Stanleyis a London Daily Telegraph columnist and author of several books on American history. His latest book is "What Happened to Tradition: History, Attribution, and the Future of the West."

Kate Manne: This is a new level of misogyny

Law andCaseyThe Supreme Court's decision to overturn It's a devastating step back for the rights of girls, women and others who can get pregnant in America today. It is important to recognize that this attack on reproductive rights has increased over the decades. Clinicsare over-regulated, forced to close, and imposedforced waiting periodsand. -It's called the Heartbeat Act, which bans abortions as early as six weeks, when most women don't even know they're pregnant. But this is certainly a new level of misogyny.
Misogynydescribes the social system in which girls and women face hostile social forces that function to crack down on and enforce patriarchy. Among the core norms and expectations are that women give birth, give birth and care for children, regardless of our own wishes.

There is no doubt that this is not about protecting the life of the fetus, but about misleading social controls for girls and women. After all, anti-abortion activists, like the Supreme Court's decision on Thursday at the New York Rifle&Pistol Association, improved maternal mortality, fight child hunger, and clean water for the community. Has shown little or no interest in securing rifles, protecting the lives of blacks, and regulating guns. , Inc. , Et al. v. Brune is painfully highlighted.

This misogyny, when implemented, will sacrifice the lives, health and freedoms of millions of people in this country. And it adds a harmful and false sense that women are morally obliged to abandon our bodies and even our lives in order to serve patriarchy.

Kate Manneis an associate professor of philosophy at Cornell University. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Atlantic, and Nation. She said "Downgirl: Misogyny's Logic" (Oxford University Press, 2017) and "" The author. Qualifications: How Male Privileges Hurt Women"(Crown, 2020). She recently wrote her first post in her newsletter, More to Hate, about her abortion". I have athat I wrote 182} .

LaraFreidenfelds: When Roe is gone, the woman dies

Abortion, miscarriage, premature birth are American women. Half a century of reproductive care (best care is too often restricted to the wealthiest and white women) due to Roe's flaws. But nevertheless, the safest and most abortion-restricting legislation to date has retreated significantly.

In the 1700s, women "defeated menstruation and refrained from giving birth." I used herbal home remedies, but these drugs were slightly effective at low doses and were dangerous in large quantities. Doctors prioritized women's lives in miscarriage and complex childbirth, but they could only do that.
In the 1800s, women were increasingly seeking specialized miscarriage doctors for procedures to open the cervix. Reputed professionals such as New York City'sMadame Restellhave provided safe and reliable abortions. Towards the end of the century, doctors have increasingly developedsurgical techniquesto clean the uterus and prevent bleeding from miscarriage.
However, conservative physician movements will confuse these developments. The newly established American Medical Associationhas called ona law that criminalizes abortion by non- "regular" doctors. A group of Catholic doctorsquestioned the morality of saving a woman's life by ending her pregnancy.

As a result, abortion was pushed underground. Medical knowledge has expanded, but pregnancy has remained unnecessarily dangerous. That is, until Roe regains the medical rights women have pursued for over 100 years.

Now, when Roe leaves, abortion can lie underground again in many states, and some doctors endanger the lives of miscarriage patients during the fetal heartbeat. You will be forced to expose. Feminist activists will undoubtedly be backed by the history offeminist resistanceandvoice movementsin the 1960s to condemn abortion care. But no doubt, women will die when Roe is gone.

Alice Stewart: Overthrowing Law is a victory for democracy in the United States

The Supreme Court is a breakthrough in prolife The movement that brought about a victorious victory-and a phenomenal victory for democracy in the United States.

The High Court's decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case in the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women's Health Act is the culmination of many years of deep and emotional struggle for us in support of the Sanctity of Life. And now the controversial issue of abortion has been removed from the hands of nine unelected judges and handed over to elected state officials. Abortion policies are best determined at the state level, that is, at the level closest to the people.

Opponents of abortion have fought for this monumental decision for almost 50 years. And Judge Samuel Alito was right in his majority opinion when he wrote: "Raw was terribly wrong from the beginning."

With the advancement of science and technology, the human nature of the fetus cannot be denied. Today's advances in medicine allow doctors to know when a fetus forms an organ, how much blood is pumped from the heart, and so on. The more we learn, the more we realize that these fetuses deserve protection.

The fateful journey of this movement prepared us for such times, that is, when we were there for these innocent fetuses and their mothers. Pregnancy care centers and other private andpublic programshave been established nationwide to provide the necessary resources for pregnant women who choose to have a baby.

With the court withdrawing from the abortion business, it is time for democratically elected leaders to take up the cloak and protect those who have not yet been born. That's all about democracy.

Alice Stewartis John F from Harvard University. He is a CNN political critic and director of the Kennedy Institute of Political Science.