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Opinion: The life of female athletes will now be much more complicated

(CNN)Athletes make decisions about their body every day to do their best, perhaps more than anyone else. To do. They choose how and where to train, who to train with, what to eat and what to wear for optimal performance. Their season (and career) is relatively short and the competition schedule is not their own, so they need to time these decisions perfectly.

Amy Bass
Amy Bass
Therefore, the athletes are Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. When he hit the Supreme Court last fall, he most frankly supported the protection of the Roe v. Wade case. More than 500submit Amikas Briefsand they unite in a "deep belief" that reproductive justice supports the opportunityprovided by titles IX,. I discussed why and how I did it. Without it,"Women's athletics would not have reached the current level of participation and success."

"Roe's constitutional law for women's physical integrity. Without the protection of, women would not have been able to take advantage of Title IX to achieve the tremendous level of athletic participation and success they enjoy today. ""

In the overview Included the story of Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Chrissy Parham, who (for the first time publicly) detailed the experience of an unintended pregnancy at the University of Arizona. After that end of her pregnancy, Parham refocused on her training, she won her first national title, and continued to build the US Olympic team with three medals from Barcelona, ​​she explained. Did.

Alongside other signed celebrities, Becky Sawabrun, captain of the United States Women's National Soccer Team (USWNT), and WNBA stars Diana Taurasi, Breana Stewart, and Brittney Griner () is in plight in Russiais in progress)-Always a frontline soccer star who was also one of the first to react when the Dobbs decision was made last week. It was a Megan Rapinoe. Sue Bird, her fiancé and basketball legend, tweeted thatwas simply"catgut."
Rapinoe, one of the first athletes to kneel on the field in support of Colin Kaepernick (and yes, SCOTUS saidkneeled on the field, but that's another day, as America is now really stirring the extras), and it has become a central stage in the USWNT presser. As the Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr coachdidafter the massacre in Yuvalde last month,didn't plan to speakthat day, but Rapinoe did his court. opened.
"I think cruelty is the point"She shed tears and summarized. She wasn't alone. The National Women's Soccer League (a professional league in which many USWNT players compete) issued afierce statement in response to a court decision, as did many of its individual teams, as well as all teams in. was. From Orlando GovernanceAngel City FCsaid. Gotham FCleft little doubt about where it stood-"The right to reproduction is a human right"-Racing Louisvillepointed out. Average 245 miles for proper health care.
The NCAA, an organization that has been affected at all levels over the last 50 years by Title IX, and the organization whereoften appears to be in conflict withare now assisted reproductive technology. There is little or no access to resources. In states where abortion is or will be banned, college student pregnancy rates will undoubtedly rise, and Title IX will be assisted reproductive technology, especially if it decides to seek abortion across state boundaries. Their best hope is to secure academic accommodation for them.

Currently, the life of a student athlete in California is playing for a team at the Southeastern Conference, which has almost all 14 schools in states where abortion is banned (or will soon be banned). It's very different from the one. Or it is severely restricted. Access to abortion is likely to be something young women should consider before saying "yes" to scholarships that may be the next step in their elite career. With that decision, the Supreme Court ensured that sport was more than just a window to understanding these things. Athletes are one of the major stakeholders.

They are also one of the most politically visible. While the WNBA's Las Vegas Aces hit the practice fieldin a shirt, "forbid our body" and "our body, our future, our miscarriage" The league is one of the most progressive in the world. Sport-has issued a statement with the NBA condemning Dobbs' decision. "Commissioners Kathy Engelbert and Adam Silver said. "We continue to support gender and health fairness, including providing employees with access to assisted reproductive technology regardless of location."
Rapinoe is especially male. Some people, like LeBron James andNicksundbergin football, have already provided a strong reactionto Dobbs, although they want more noise from. increase. "You were silent to us."She saidto those who hadn't spoken yet. "Get up. Say something. This is your wife, this is your sister, this is your friend, this is your girlfriend, this is your children's mother. This is us. Everyone. "
The history of Title IX is useful here. Because sports were not intended to be central to the law aimed at recognizing gender equality in education as a citizen's right. Nixonsigned the Education Amendment Act on June 23, 1972But mythical beliefs about an equal arena of sports (the best man may win) work in our favor. You may. The inequality in the athletic club from elementary school to university could be easily sniffed out, if not fixed.
Basically, Title IX tries to legislate equality, but I'm still not sure if it's completely effective. It's definitely an ongoing task and can be as criticized as celebrating. According to the Women's Sports Foundation, Title IX benefits disproportionately to mainly white secondary school girls.
The Biden administrationaims to extend the protection of LGBTQ athletes, but few women are coaches or managers. And, after all, the reality remains that far more boys are engaged in school sports than girls. But the very existence of Title IX, codified as a law, is a blessing and gives us something to cooperate with, to improve, and to negotiate.

Title IX, in essence, tells us the future of sports, the future of athletes walking without reproductive freedom and justice.

Access to abortion seems to be one of the few things that Americans, not just athletes, generally agree with. Adults sayit should be legal in all or most of the time. Still, in just 37 words of the Federal Education Reform Act, the United States lightened its back to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of a dynasty like USWNT's four Women's World Cup titles and a golden duo like beach volleyball misty. Only a few hours later May-GOAT like Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings, Serena Williams, pass breakers like Allyson Felix. The Supreme Court of Land has determined that all of them, all of us, are second-class citizens.