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The founders of OutKick will cover ESPN, and the writer will be responsible for the July 4th column, "Awakening." "How is this work useful for sports fans?"

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The founder of the sports website OutKick was released Monday to condemn the state of the country on Independence Day in a mass shooting, police allegations of illegal activity, and a backlash against the U.S. Supreme Court. Blowed up ESPN and one of its senior writers in a column Millions of Americans support a ruling in "Awakened Albatross in a column on the front page of your site claiming that America is terrible" Beyond.

Clay Travis, co-founder of the website, is responsible for the July 4th work entitled "Baseball, BBQ, and this July 4th Independence Day" by writer Howard Bryant. And repeatedly picked up2011. He was arrested for attacking his wife and a probationary police officer

"When reading this systematic destruction of this awakened garbage ESPN released on July 4, ask yourself how this work will help sports fans. "I want it." Travis wrote in his own column titled "ESPN hates America on July 4th and loves the columnist arrested for choking his wife."

Travis had problems with many aspects of Bryant's column, including his recollection that July 4th was "the best day of the year." He said that much of Brian's youth vacation on July 4th was in the 1970s when President Richard Nixon resigned due to the Watergate scandal, high inflation under President Jimmy Earl Carter, and the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Said that it would have happened in the 1980s. 

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"My point to cover all this is far from perfect. The 1970s and 1980s are also full of political turmoil and difficulties. " "Still America was great in Bryant's head."

In his column, Bryant also made the display of patriotismat sporting events common9.11. It hinted at the following years. 

"Now we are all insensitive to the sight. At least publicly, the emphasis on July 4th moved from family to symbol a few years ago — I did that on September 11th, "he wrote. "Twenty years of patriotism has made it more difficult than ever to focus our forces on reuniting with our favorite aunts and uncles. Backyard barbecues and badminton games are 20 years of military compliments. And undoubtedly can't compete with nationalism. "

" Bryant said that the July 4th celebrations of the 1970s and 1980s weren't about patriotism, and July 4th was American. This point is fascinating, as it directly claims that it began to be covered in symbolism and patriotism after September 11, "Travis replied. "This is clearly 100% wrong."

July 4th has been celebrated since 1777 and has been a federal holiday since 1870. The presidents of both parties have issued a patriotic July 4 proclamation for over a century. 

Early in his column, Bryant wrote about the politically divided United States, hinting at the recent overthrow ofRoe. v. The Wade caselegalized abortion at the federal level in 1973. 

"Grills, baseball, fireworks, initially replaced by symbols, now the country is completely disjointed. July 2022, fell in the midst of devastation. "He wrote. "Today is America's Independence Day and is independent under the current relentless assault. People are upset, from Miranda's right to the environment to the separation of churches and nations, guns, and so many guns.

The ESPN logo is seen on an electronic display in Times Square in New York City on August 23, 2017.

The ESPN logo is the Times Appears on the electronic display of August 23, 2017, New York City Square.(REUTERS / Mike Segar)


"The US Supreme Court has chained out what two generations of Americans knew were the legal standards of their lives. Today, millions of people Women aren't feeling free and certainly aren't celebrating independence, "continued Bryant. "Pregnant people who feel blessed in court may do so from the victory of their position, but it is still true that the power of choice and the right to privacy are deprived of them all."

He then targeted those involved in the January 6 riots at the US Capitol in Washington, D.C. 

In his criticism, Travis called this column a "long list of political dissatisfaction." For no rhyme or reason, "it centered on riots. 

"If you're thinking for yourself, why do I care about the opinion of the random person on January 6th on the sports website and read silently, you It's a sad rebel, "he said. "January 6 will eventually take and cross the sports take awkwardly, but not before Bryant lied and the policeman was killed on January 6. This seems like a deliberate error. As mentioned earlier, many people may have edited this work a few weeks ago. It was published. "

In the counter-argument column,COVID-19 There was also a problem with Bryant's view of those who refused to wear masks during the Pandemicand who expressed compassion for blacks, including Palestinians and black athletes. He talks about injustice. 

"It's a joke. I played the entire NBA season with" Black Lives Matter "on the court," Travis wrote. "The uniform player name has been replaced by the slogan of social justice. All major American brands have done their best to donate as much money as possible for BLM purposes. Colin Kapernick produced I'm paying 18 different documentaries, including the entire contract. ESPN. "

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"From this point on, all the articles will be on the left. Political dissatisfaction and the culture of the victims. That's okay. His self-defeating awakening argument is his own, What is important here is that they are also ESPN's own opinion, "he continued. "Even if you feel that Bryant's rambling screed has achieved ESPN's goal of" servicing sports fans, "it's important to note that the exact opposite of this column is never allowed. , Or the opinion thatwill not be published anywhere on ESPN."