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The owner of the last abortion clinic in Mississippi vows to stay open to the end

(CNN)Mississippi's only abortion clinic owner stays open at a press conference on Friday afternoon I vowed to be there. We will continue to serve women for the next 10 days after the US Supreme Court has ruled to rule out the constitutional right to abortion nationwide.

"We continue to serve, women like me, many people all over the country will be doing the same, and today we "Don't give up," said Diane Delgis, owner of the Jackson Women's Health Organization.

Under Mississippi law, the ban on abortion triggered by today's Supreme Court ruling will come into effect 10 days after Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch proves the ruling. Fitch has not announced plans for certification.

"That is, we will be open for the next 10 days and will meet patients for the next 10 days, even if they have to do what they did often. It will happen. This kind of terrorism ", referring to anti-abortion activists who are frequently gathered near the clinic.

"Any patient who contacts us, we will meet them. We make sure we meet them in that 10 days," Derzis said. "Women don't have to leave the state to get medical care."

After the Mississippi Clinic was forced to close the door, Derzis found the service she needed. He said he would continue to support.

"It's funding the whole country, so we know how to get in touch with those individuals and find the closest clinic you know, plane tickets If you can jump on a plane and get anywhere in Las Cruces, Baltimore, Maryland, or Chicago, Illinois, there will be a woman who can afford her, because her needs must come first, so put her everywhere. It's easiest to put in, "says Derzis.

Derzis and her team have begun plans to open a new clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We will continue to provide services there.

In Arizona, some abortion providers preemptively suspend service

Some Arizona abortion providers have legal clarity Abortion services have been preemptively suspended due to lack of information and according to posts on their website (Family Planning Associates, Planned Parenthood Arizona, and Tucson Choices).

Dr. Deshon Taylor, who runs Desert Star Family Planning in Phoenix, said her clinic had to cancel about 20 abortion appointments originally scheduled from today to next week. Said. She said, "We promise to keep the door open if possible so that we can provide abortion treatment if we are safe. We will be in the dark for some time. I think it's long, but I think the pendulum will look back. "

Arizona doesn't have a trigger ban, but an abortion ban set to take effect in about 90 days for the last 15 weeks. there is. Meanwhile, the Arizona Senate Republican Caucus today issued a note stating that the "Law before the Roe v. Wade Incident" will come into force. mother. "

This pre-law method was first created in 1901 before Arizona and updated last year. It is anyone who intends to raise a female miscarriage." Unless she needs to save her life, she will be sentenced to imprisonment in a state prison for two to five years. "

Brittni Thomason, a spokesman for the Attorney General of Arizona's office, told CNN: She "understands that this is an important issue for so many people and they want clarity."

The Arizona Governor's Office declined to comment.

Taylor told CNN, "I'm surprised how sad I feel when I find it in my bones," he told CNN. She said she wanted to not only secure women's rights to abortion, but also secure access to abortion that really makes sense in Arizona. In Arizona, there are several clinics that offer such services, mainly in urban areas.