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Palin contests Congressional seat in Alaska's first ranked choice ballot

Former President Trump Campaigns With House Candidate Sarah Palin And Senate Candidate Kelly Tshibaka In Anchorage, Alaska
United States Congressman and former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin During the Save America rally at the Alaska Aviation Center in Anchorage on July 9, 2022. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Former Alaska Gov. The most notable name. Her path to Congress is not guaranteed. 

Race results may not be known for several weeks.

Alaska is using rank selection voting for the first time. This allows voters to choose multiple candidates on their ballot and rank them in order of preference. The candidate with the fewest first-choice votes is eliminated, and the second-choice voters are reassigned to the remaining candidates, unless the candidate receives more than her 50% of the first-choice votes. 

This process of exclusion and redistribution continues until a candidate wins a majority and may be delayed until absentee ballots are tallied. These ballots can be received until her August 26th, ten days after her election day. 

Palin, Republican businessman Nick Begich, and Democrat Mary Peltra participate in the special election ballot for Young's seat. . In her first campaign as the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee, Palin was the top vote-getter in the June primary, but aAlaska poll in Julypolled said: We simulated a round of ranked choices. We voted and found Palin eliminated in the first round of reassignment.

Ivan Moore, a longtime Alaska pollster who conducted the poll for the Alaska Research Study, said that Begich and Palin likely split the Republican vote, so Pertra had the most votes. He said he was likely to win first-choice votes. 

He said Begic was likely to beat Pertola after the reassignment of picks from voters with Palin as the first choice, but Begic was eliminated first and his If voter options were split, those votes would not go exclusively to Palin.

"Even in the face of this evidence, Sarah Palin is still treated like a front-runner. She is not a front-runner. Not." Moore said. 

Palin has the backing of former President Donald Trump, who held a rally in the state in July and a preliminary on Tuesday. He denounced the ranked-choice voting system for helping Senator Lisa Markowski run the election. 

"She knows she can't win a straight election." So I went to this ranked selection crap," Trump said of Markowski. He lashed out at ranked-choice voting, saying, "Today is the first test case of a crazy, convoluted, and undesirable ranked-choice voting system, and to everyone watching. Tonight, outside." From I say: Learn from Alaska's mistakes. Voters are confused, angry, and disenfranchised by this Cockamey system that can't even be trusted to count your votes the way you intended. We will continue to fight to give the people of Alaska the information they need to make sure their voices are heard in this system that the Left has created - even if it is corrupt.

Protect Freedom PAC's pro-Palin ad emphasized her endorsement from Trump, calling her "America I call it the First Trump Conservative.

Begich and Palin attacked each other during the campaign. Begich runs a  ad accusing  Palin of leaving Alaska "to become famous." The ad shows an image from when she appeared on the "Masked Singer" program.

In a tele-rally with Trump in August, on the day of Marr's Lago raid, Palin called his D.C. "Republican in name only". 

``I have never lived anywhere else. she added. 

Peltola, meanwhile, a five-term state legislator, flaunted her bipartisan credentials in ads through Tuesday. ',' she said in one ad, which has been airing since May. Another version of the adstates that she is "the only candidate fighting for abortion rights."

Alaska Survey Research polls show Peltola winning a final-round matchup against Palin in a special election.

All three of her candidates for a special congressional election are also on the ballot in the primary to represent Alaska in the next session of Congress. The top four vote-getters will advance to his November general election, where again ranked voting will take place.    

Meanwhile, in the Alaska Senate election, four candidates will advance to the general election, but the Alaska Senate primary is actually her two Republican candidates. It is a battle between the frontrunners of Current Markowski. 

Markowski is a rare Senate swing voter, and his seven Republicans convicted Trump of the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. One, former Commissioner of the Alaska State Government, Tsivaka, is running. On the idea that Markowski politically enabled President Biden and the Democratic Party.

Tshibaka has voiced his skepticism about the 2020 election during the course of the campaign, though not as candidly as other Trump-backed election denials. “While I recognize that Joe Biden is president, I believe there are still legitimate questions regarding the 2020 election. Anchorage Daily News on Aug. 5 

Remaining tickets for November Fifteen candidates, including three Democrats, are vying with Markowski and Tibaka for the two slots, butan Alaskan Survey Research poll puts the top two Republican candidates received overwhelming support. 

Even between Murkowski and Tshibaka alone, when the priority of second and his third votes are assigned by ranked choice votes, Murkowski said he was 52.8% down from 47.8%. %, just 4.4% behind him. In other words, Alaska's electoral rules allow some Democrats to select her as her second nominee, pushing her incumbent over her far-right challenger, allowing Markowski I am helping Mr.

Murkowski also has a significant funding advantage as an incumbent: her $9.4 million in the 2022 cycle compared to her $3.3 million in Tshibaka. More have been procured. Similarly, Murkowski outperforms her challenger by almost two to one. 

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