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Paramount + Hid "Real World Homecoming" cast member HIV positive status

You already knowDannyRobertsfrom the first stint in thereal worldofMTVThere may be. : New Orleansaired in 2000. At the time, Shaw showed his relationship with a military man named Paul Dill, who was suffering from the military'don't ask, don't say'policy. LGBTQIt was refreshing to see the expression of pop culture for the community.

Roberts recently returned toParamount +RevivalReal World Homecoming: New Orleans, with eight episodes on the streaming platform this year. It was broadcast. He recently talked toLATimes, talking about his HIV diagnosis during filming and explaining how it affected his life. There was only one problem ... Paramount + omitted mention of his pain.

The show talked about his relationship with Dill and even arranged for a reunion on the camera, but the platform cut his mention of HIV status.

"I just kept waiting:" Are they going to shoehorn this to the end? "And I realized," Wow, that's the end of it. " And they absolutely cut it, "he said. "It feels like I missed a big opportunity."

"Much of what I've talked to New Orleans is the nightmare of our healthcare system, the nightmare of inaccessibility, the cost. It was a nightmare, "he added. [Can prevent and treat HIV] The power of these drugs. There were many things to unpack.

"Danny talked about HIV status during the filming of" Real World Homecoming: New Orleans ", but about the mental health challenges and how to do it after filming the original series. Also talked widely. He addressed those challenges. " The "Homecoming" series ultimately focused on Danny's mental health journey. This is the first time he has publicly shared it with all his former roommates.

Roberts does not seem to accept this reasoning. He said the producer said the storyline had been cut to avoid potential legal implications that could result from the outings of his ex-partner. "Their reasoning is very ridiculous," he said. "I don't buy it for a moment."

He was diagnosed with HIV almost 10 years ago and announced it in 2018, encouraging others to fight the stigma it brings. I did. He believes that the association with death prevents most people from talking about it.

"This has hurt generations. We have lost a lot of people, but now we are in a period of great progress in medicine and we have a lot of forgetfulness," he said. "So it's probably easier to make a management decision to omit that dark story and avoid touching it in order to serve a big forget."

Real-world homecoming: New Orleanswrapped the run on Paramount + on June 8, 2022. You can now stream all eight episodes on your platform.

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