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Pawn Stars Host: People in need of cash turn to pawnshops during inflation

Rick Harrison, pawn shop owner and TV show "Pawn Stars" star, joined "Fox and Friends" Monday morning to discuss today's Shared events Amid inflation Americans struggle to make it through payday.

Some are pawning items they never intended to sell for a living. 

"Most people don't realize that his 20% of the adult population doesn't have a bank account," Harrison said. "They don't have regular banks."

He added:

Harrison also said Las Vegas is a very large city and you need a car there.

"Gas prices are killing people," he said.

"Food prices -- inflation has gone crazy," he said.

"And I really believe," he said. Low-income people are affected "far worse" by what is happening in the economy than "high-income people".

Rick Harrison said some are pawning items they never planned to sell in order to get by. 

will create more inflation and less jobs," Harrison said. 

Regarding the idea that many people today are pawning items they never thought they would be pawn just to accomplish a goal, Harrison said: said to People who have worked in the gig economy, especially young people," he said.

"Las Vegas alone is worth the rent," he said. 

He also mentioned the difficulties of "single mothers" and others.

Harrison said of people who come to his store, "We try to do what we can."

As for rural locations, for many, "it takes him 30 minutes to drive to the grocery store," he said. High gas prices are really affecting everyday people, he suggested.