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A teen in Pennsylvania told police she had killed her sister, would have done it earlier for McDonald's

Reportedly, a teenage girl who allegedly killed her sister "would have killed someone sooner" if she knew she could eat McDonald's. I told the police.

According to Patriot-News, Claire Miller, 14, was offered a fast-food breakfast in 2021 after being accused of fatally stabbing her 19-year-old sister with a disability, Helen. Was.

"Oh, McDonald's," Martin said at a court hearing on Tuesday that Miller told police. "If I was thinking of getting McDonald's, I would have killed someone sooner."

She also mentioned the characters in the 1978 horror movie "Halloween" and detained her young. I admitted that I made my sister "Michael Myers" while sitting in the room.

According to Patriot-News, when Miller heard the cell phone ring in the movie's theme song, he received a terrifying comment.

A strange revelation came out in this week's hearing, and Miller, now 16 years old, is tried as an adult after being accused of murdering his sister sleeping in bed with a kitchen knife in his parents' house. I decided if it should be. last year.

A Lancaster home where a teenage girl was accused of killing her sister.

Pennsylvania murder charges begin in adult court, but to boys Courts where treatment is more important can be petitioned, the newspaper reported.

Police responded to his family's home after 1 am, and Miller went out with bloody trousers and blood in his hand. She repeatedly told police that she had "stabbed her sister," Patriot News reported, citing court records.

According to local reports, both the prosecution and the defense provided different testimony and debate about whether Miller should be tried as an adult or a boy, and whether she could be rehabilitated.

"We love both. I know Claire didn't mean to do this. I lost Helen. I don't want to lose Claire either," she said. Mother Marie Miller testified on Monday. According toWGAL. "We don't want her to be punished, helped, or left behind for a long time because of something she can't handle. We can't lose her either.

My sister suffered from cerebral palsy and was in a wheelchair, according toWGAL.

Two psychologists say in court that Miller suffers from mental illness, depression and anxiety, and Miller cuts his throat the night her sister is killed. WGAL reported that he said he had heard the voice.

The prosecutor insisted on a text message stating that Miller wanted to hurt others.

Assistant District Attorney Amy Muller claimed in court that Miller was "a child who had everything but was obsessed with murder."WGAL reported.