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A failed robbery of a Philadelphia boy became violent and a man was shot with a woman and a baby: Report

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According to local reports, the man was shot in Philadelphia at the beginning of Mondayand the robbery attempt failed. He was with a woman and a baby. 

A responding police officer found a 23-year-old man shot in the neighborhood of the Old Town on his shoulder. According to the report, his private car took him to the hospital. 

Authorities told the press that when the boytried to steal it, the woman dropped her cell phone and tried to pick it up

A woman from Northern Philadelphia, 21, was deadly shot outside the bar:'When do you get tired of burying your child? mosquito? '

A minor suspectpulled out a gun and firedwomen and victims five times, police said. Victims licensed to carry firearms did not pull out their weapons because the couple had a baby in the car, the report said. 

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No arrests have been made yet. Investigators believe the suspect was with a group of boys who fled after the shooting. 

They are looking for up to seven underage suspects, the news report said.