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Phillies' Bryce Harper ends with a broken thumb after being hit on the pitch

San Diego — Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper hits a 97 mph fastball from Breaksnell in the fourth inning. My left thumb broke. Saturday night against San Diego Padres. The

team has announced the injuries of an active NLMVP who will play indefinitely. He will be evaluated further in the next few days.

Harper checked the swing and the pitch from Snell rode inward and high towards his shoulder before hitting him on the outside of his left hand.

Harper quickly collapsed to the ground and felt his visible pain as the Phillies trainer escorted him to his knees for a few minutes and squeezed his hand.

Harper was angry and began yelling at Snell in the middle of Philadelphia's starting pitcher, and with his injured hand began to move towards the Padres starting pitcher. Snell finally shouted something to Harper. Many Petco Park fans started booing Harper a few seconds later, screaming at Harper.

Bryce Harper exited with a broken thumb after getting hit by a Blake Snell fastball during the Phillies game against the Padres.
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Harper cools down and says, "I know, I know. Admitting to Snell that he knew that the pitcher didn't mean hitting him on the pitch.

Harper, who was the Phillies' designated hitter, replaced Johan Camargo.

Harper has had 15 home runs, 48 ​​RBIs and .984 OPS in 64 games this season, despite a small rift in the UCL on his right elbow that prevented him from playing in the outfield since April 16. I'm hitting .318. .. He tried to avoid end-of-season Tommy John surgery with platelet-rich plasma injections and rest.