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"Pistols" Episode 1 Summary: Don't worry about the Sex Pistols, this is the One Cars, I mean, the Swan Cars

A few weeks ago I was new to the Peaky BlindersI made a joke about the season. 12}, he said it was tough and fashionable working-class children who pretended to be British society and enjoyed chaos. No, I wasn't talking about biodramaPistolBut the last article on Birmingham's best chain smoker. Proving that a good analogy can't be punished, my editor now summarizes a limited series of 6 episodes about London's dirtyest and most furry things, sorry, the dirtyest and {21. } The most furious Punk rock band, Sex Pistols.

Based on guitarist Steve Jones' 2017 autobiographyLonely Boy: Story from the Sex Pistols,And Director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting,Slumdog Millionaire),Pistols, from the origin of the chamboil to the collapse of the cataclysm It covers a brief history of the band. In less than four years, the band confused the British music industry, offended half of the country, and stimulated the other half in the process, with little knowledge of how to play an instrument. Punk rock existed before the Pistols and would have happened without them, but the band's oversized image and quirky behaviour, not to mention the great songs worth the album, are decisive in the eyes of the media. It will prove its position as punk rock.

"The following is inspired by real events," the text at the beginning of each episode. Is written. It should serve as a warning to enthusiastic fans of the history of the Sex Pistols and punk rock, all hope you get in here if what you were expecting was 100% historical accuracy. Please throw away. But as one of those obsessions, it's advisable to enjoy a fun, well-made, and often hilarious show freed from the need for historical accuracy. Jones himself said inThe New York Times, "It's not a documentary." Check where you feel you need it.  

A glamorous and miserable British archive of a variety of bad fashion choices reveals the 1970s. You can see the young Steve Jones, played by Toby Wallace, stepping into the Hammersmith Odeon stage in London, where David Bowie's equipment is installed. He walks towards the mic and imagines himself as a rock star worshiped on stage before running away with a guitar amp and mic.    

He is a friend and future pistol drummer played by Jacob Slater, who is later worried about being arrested and losing. His apprenticeship as a merchant stealing a car with Paul Cook. Cook, a troublemaker straight man who has always had Jones problems, came from a loving house where his parents allowed him to practice drums in the bedroom. When two boyhood gangs ran through London and fled the police, 1971A Clockwork Orange, The movie about Stanley Kubrick's controversial futuristic street gang makes a fuss. 

For Jones and Cook, bassist Glen Matlock (Christian Lees) and guitarist Wally Nightingale ({101 Dylan Llewell) There is a band with. }Derry Girls). Fact Check: Matlock didn't join the band until he interacted with manager Malcolm McLaren, who knew him because he worked in clothing store sex, but we're ahead of ourselves. Jones is the singer of the group at this point, and he names it Swan Cars. People mess up their names and call them The Wankers. This is one of the classic gag episodes. It's a little strange. 


Bands struggle to complete a song and brainstorm ideas for images, but most are rock stars. It's just a fantasy about becoming. When Jones says, "We had to be like us," Cook replies, "What, broke four working-class gits who couldn't play for shit." .. In the meantime, the future Sex Pistols will run through the smoky urban wastelands, spitting on Britain's desolate landscape. 

Sex addiction Jones in Creptomania sees a couple having sex in a car from sex in a Malcolm-owned clothing store. I try to steal my pants. McLaren,Thomas Brodie-Sangster, , Vivienne Westwood,Talulah RileyHe stopped at the young Chrissy Hind AndSydney Chandler  

rather than turning him into a police officer McLaren is intrigued by the young Jones. "Rufian like you excites me," he says. "Viv and I want to create a revolution inspired by the raw credibility of forgotten children like you." Westwood, Jones and him Agreeing to have the band borrow clothes for the show, McLaren comes to his defense again when he steals the instrument and faces his stay in jail. Jones eventually talks to McLaren to manage his band.  

"I don't need a musician. I need a saboteur, an assassin. I want an assassin. Steve is real. He lives elsewhere. There is nothing to go with, "McLaren later told Westwood. It's totally ridiculous and exaggerated, but it's played that way by Sangster, who steals every scene he's in. Of course, it was a complete catastrophe, and Jones ran out of doors to his first numbers in an embarrassing moment. 

The episode is Jones when the very unpunk sound of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" is playing in the background. It ends with a terrible walk at night. It was a perfect sync, the sensibility of the song reflected his isolation, and then splendidly turned his head. Elsewhere, you can see future Johnny Lotten smearing Pink Floyd's T-shirt with the word "IHATE". band.