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Plans to rebuild Ukraine need to address the environment, EU Commission Commission says

Plans to rebuild Ukraine need to work to restore the war-torn ecosystems of the country, the EU Environment Commission said.

Virginijus Sinkevicius warned that the environmental costs of conflict are "increasing daily" and said it could take "generations" to overcome.

Next week, leaders of dozens of countries and international organizations will gather in the city of Lugano, Switzerland, and despite the ongoing Russian attack on Ukraine, the "Marshall Plan" for the reconstruction of Ukraine I want to create. ..

The plan needs to include "absolutely" environmental factors, Sinkevisius told AFP in an interview Wednesday.

A Ukrainian serviceman walks past a gypsum manufacturing plant destroyed in a Russian bombing in Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine, eastern Ukraine, Saturday, May 28, 2022. Fighting has raged around Lysychansk and neighbouring Sievierodonetsk, the last major citie
Ukrainian soldiers make plaster destroyed by Russian bombing Saturday, May 28, 2022, past the factory, in Bakumut, eastern Ukraine. Combat intensified around Sieviero Donetsk, adjacent to the last major city, Lisichansk

He talked about weapons of mass destruction covered with forests, mines and trenches Land, chemical pollution spread by military supplies, polluted waterways and soil.

"When we see the savage behavior of Russia unstoppable, the (environmental) price tag is rising every day," said Sinkevisius.

"They bombed chemical facilities," he said, endangering nuclear power plants, and "hundreds of thousands of tons" of destroyed Russian military machinery need to be removed. I added that.

He said that environmental damage, especially the damage done to vast forest areas, is "to deal with for generations" and "the largest crime".

He added that there was a "unique opportunity" to create a "cleaner" Ukraine, "roads can be rebuilt, infrastructure can be rebuilt, but forests can grow for hundreds of years. It will take. " So it takes time.