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Police say an Atlanta subway worker was shot dead by a customer in a sandwich order

Two Atlanta subway workers were shot dead as a result of discussions over sandwich orders. 

An angry customer shoots a 26-year-old female employee and seriously injures a 24-year-old female colleague after 6:30 pm on Sunday, saying "too much mayonnaise." rice field. "Sandwich". Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Charles Hampton, Jr. said at a press conference. 

Atlanta police arrested a 36-year-old man in connection with a deadly shooting late Sunday, he said, on the advice of civilians. 

Authorities did not identify the man arrested.

Hampton told reporters that police did not want to focus on the details of the sandwich order that led to the shooting, but instead focused on the issue of gun violence. 

"That was very pointless. Yes, there was too much mayonnaise in the sandwich, but again I decided it was a policy of action to resolve the dispute. An individual with a gun, "Hampton said. "Yes, it's a sandwich, but more importantly, those who couldn't resolve the dispute by just leaving and rearranging the sandwich decided to take action on their own. Now a devastated family. 

The five-year-old son of a seriously injured employee was also in the restaurant during the shooting, Hampton said. The child was not injured, but witnessed the incident, he said, and probably "must receive some trauma counseling." 

Restaurant owner Willie Glen toldCBS46 that the two victims of the shooting were sisters. 

Glenn reported that the armed store manager tried to stop the suspect and eventually engaged in a shootout with him, leading to a "fierce shootout in the parking lot". 

"I don't know what the world is like with our youth these days. Everyone seems to be working very hard," Glenn told CBS46. .. 

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