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President Byden lied about Roe v Wade's codification and was "heartless" towards the fetus: Sen Mike Lee

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Senator Mike Leigh accused President Biden of deceiving the leftist's intentions for the Roe v. Wade case, and on Thursday's "Ingraham Angle" "completely against the fetus." It is ruthless. " "" 

Mike Leigh:First of all, the fact that he goes to foreign lands and attacksSupreme Court The United Statesis unpatriotic to weaken and outlaw it. I have never seen anything like that. Second, he lies there as long as he suggests that Roe needs to be codified. 


to assist in filibuster to protect abortion access Eggs that you simply don't want to codify. What they want to do is, in addition to codifying Roe, pass a bill that protectsRoeall the way to that moment. .. Since the child takes the first breath, no state can impose any kind of legal restrictions, protection of any kind of fetus. So he managed to be completely ruthless towards the fetus. As a US Senator and others, it is completely inconsistent with his own previous decisions, his previous statements regarding abortion. And we have succeeded in disregarding one of the superior institutions of our system.

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