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Security groups are targeting AOC-backed "Defund the Police" candidates in NY Parliamentary races

Two political action committees funded by New York's business interests are running for the Democratic primary on Tuesday as a "police defense" state parliamentary candidate. We are fighting back a million dollars to defeat. ..

A related Super PAC (common sense New Yorker and New York voters) sends a mailer to attack left-handed candidates as vulnerable to crime and conducts an 11-hour "cancel vote" effort through Robocall. I am. , Text messages and other solicitations, said Jefflev, the finance officer for both groups.

"We are conducting a particularly independent campaign against socialist candidates who have declaredthat they want a public and privatepolice defense. "Leb said.

"We conducted multiple polls to confirm thatpublic securityis the number one concern for Democratic voters across New York and New York, regardless of neighborhood or district. "I did," he added. Candidates for the

groupare Congressman Alexandria Ocasiocortes(D-Bronx / Queens), the Left-Wing Working Families Party, and the Democratic Socialist Local Chapter. Supported by. America's.

Super Pac Defund the Police
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Mr. Rev said his group is a candidate for safety. In the state Senate primary in August, he said he would carry out a similar campaign to strengthen.

Rebel Jonathan Soto, a socialist and WFP-approved former AOC staff member, has at least three mailers opposed to incumbent Michael Benedetto in Bronx. Is targeted.

"Don't vote for Jonathan Soto. He's too extreme for Bronx," said Mailer, who described the "refund" challenger as a "dangerous and reckless socialist."

Capitol Consulting

PAC rebelled against Jessica Alta Gracia Woolford Also posted an attack advertisement. Play against veteran Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz in the northwestern part of the Bronx Assembly District 81, which covers Riverdale, Kingsbridge Heights, Norwood and Woodlawn. Sammy Nemir Oliverless is trying to defeat the incumbent Eric Dylan, who covers Bushwick and Cypress Hills in Brooklyn's 54th district.

Benedetto, unrelated to the independent group, welcomed their campaign on Sunday.

"They point out exactly that my opponent wants police defense. I'm not for all of that. I happen to be the same as Joe Biden. I'm in a political camp, "said Benedetto, who received a donation from the New York State Police Officer PAC.

super pac defund the police
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Mainstream. I don't want to do that.

Sunday Soto is backed by "Trump Republicans" who are sending Benedetto an attack mailer that "actually runs out of money, distracts voters from our school." I said yes and tried to change the table.

Mayor Eric Adams endorsed the more moderate Benedetto and donated to his campaignin an ongoing proxy war with Ocasio Cortezover the command of the Democratic Party of New York. ..

super pacs defund the police
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Adams-affiliated Striving for a Better New York has a $ 4,700 job for Benedetto Gave. In mid-June, the state BOE record shows.

Meanwhile, the courage to change the AOC-backed PAC has donated $ 4,700 to Soto, including a challenger to face incumbent Dylan Kevin Kayhill (D-Ulster) and seven others. I wrote a four-digit check for a left-handed candidate. State legislature Nikki Lucas (D-Brooklyn) shows records.

Dylan's father is former BrooklynState Senator Martin Dylan, DSA-backedJulia Salazar