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Protesters shouting ‘f–k pro-life’ shut down anti-abortion event at Virginia college

A group of protestors shouting “f–k pro-life” crashed an anti-abortion event at a Virginia college Wednesday evening and shut it down after cops responded to the heated scene.

The campus event was organized by the Virginia Commonwealth University chapter of the Students for Life organization and was meant to feature a conversation between the group’s president Kristan Hawkins and Turning Point USA contributor Isabel Brown.

But the loud and disruptive protesters stormed the event before it could even start. By the end of the wild scene, two people were arrested, according to Fox News.

The pro-choice activists marched into the VCU classroom with signs that read “Bans off our bodies,” “Pro-life Pro-poverty, Pro-control, Anti-freedom” and “Pro-forced birth is anti-life,” according to a video taken by Hawkins and posted to Instagram.

They loudly chanted “f–k pro-life” and “fascists, go home” — preventing Hawkins and Brown from speaking to attendees.

At one point, a small group got into a scuffle, which security personnel forcibly broke up, the video shows.

Someone then shouted “Hey listen up! Everybody get the f–k out of here.”

The protestors shot back “You leave first” in another refrain, the footage shows.

The event speakers and organizers were reportedly forced out by security, Brown and Hawkins said.

“They’re temporarily removing us from the room instead of kicking out the protestors,” Brown said to the camera.

“The campus police at VCU is shutting down our peaceful assembly because of these fascists right here,” Hawkins said pointing to the protestors. “So they’re going to let these big cry babies, fascists get their way.”

At least a dozen of the pro-lifers were detained for more than two hours, according to Students for Life.

“When will law enforcement begin to take threats against pro-lifers seriously?” the group asked. “VCU, your campus police deemed [the protestors’] intrusion on our event ‘not a reasonable security threat.’ This is unacceptable…”

Cops arrested two people at the event for simple assault and disorderly conduct, a VCU spokesperson told Fox News.

Neither person arrested is affiliated with the university.

The event was open to the public.