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Protesters Demand Boston Officials Change Faneuil Hall's Name: 'White Supremacist'

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Boston protesters gathered at Faneuil Hall Wednesday to call the name of the city's beloved landmark a symbol of "white supremacy."

Faneuil Hall was named after Peter Faneuil, an 18th-century merchant who offered to build a market building in Boston in 1740. rice field. This building was completed in his 1742 and rebuilt in 1762. Massachusetts Colony. Samuel Adams and James Otis are known to have given speeches there to express their dissatisfaction with Britain. disputes the fact that they were heavily involved in the slave trade. According to historical documents, when Faneuil died, he owned five slaves and had once purchased a boy who had been enslaved between the ages of 12 and 15.

The name of a white supremacist belonging to a public building," protester Kevin Peterson said. ``That was him. 26}

Faneuil Hall, a Boston landmark, was a political hotbed during the Revolutionary era.

Boston's landmark Faneuil Hall was a hotbed of politics during the revolution. (Associated Press)

Some protesters chanted "Change your name" to the tune of Destiny's Child's song "Say My Name". , change your name," he chanted. Walked up to the town hall and stood in silence during the meeting before marching up to Faneuil his hall.

It is not yet known if the city plans to rename the building. City Councilwoman Tania Fernandez Anderson proposed a resolution to remove "Boston's prominent anti-black symbols," which passed unanimously in June.Fernandez said Anderson said that of those symbols he was one Referred to Faneuil Hall's name as one.

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Mayor Michelle Wu has not revealed plans to name Faneuil Hall yet.

Mayor Michelle Wu has yet to announce the name of Faneuil Hall.

"By 2022, a famous tourist attraction and business center in the city of Boston should be named after a man who became rich trading enslaved Africans. No reason. At the time of his death, he still owned five humans," the councilman said. Click here for

Former Mayor Marty Walsh flatly denied plans to rename building Mayor Michelle Wu's office , did not disclose plans to change the name, but reflected protesters' concerns through statements.

Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, who was formerly Mayor of Boston, denied any plans to change Faneuil Hall's name when he was asked in 2018.

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, former mayor of Boston, denied plans to rename Faneuil Hall in 2018 when asked to name him .(REUTERS/Erin Scott/File Photo)

"Working to build a fair Boston for all, the city promotes racial justice." and we pledge to learn from our past and righteous mistakes," the statement said.