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Rachel Brosnahan reacts to mass shootings in his hometown of Highland Park, Illinois

Rachel Brosnahan is "sick" in aMonday mass shootingin his hometown of Highland Park, Illinois.

"I grew up in Highland Park. This parade is the highlight of the year for many families," said Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, star, 31,tweeted. And mentioned Independence Day. Of the July event where shooters fired from the roof.

At least six people were killed and dozens were injured.

"Every time I get news like this, I get sick, but I don't want to call my family and friends and make a hole in my stomach to see if everyone is okay. The winners of the Golden Globe Awards continued. "No words."

The actress concludes by sharing a link to Everytown for the safety of her gun.

She wrote, "Sufficient, Sufficient, Sufficient, Sufficient, Sufficient," Emmy Award winnerwrote.

Highland Park, Illinois
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Brosnahan also retweeted themessage "I saw some tweets that Highland Park is" the last place you expect. " Keep that idea out of the press.

"No matter how under-invested or wealthy, there is no private place to" anticipate "gun violence," the tweet reads.

Rachel Brosnahan
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Singer Richard Marx is in the same suburbs of Chicago as Brosnahan. Growing up,tweetedon Monday about how he "broken heart" in the tragedy.

"I'm actively reaching out to check the welfare of those who are still there," the songwriter, 58, wrote on Twitter.

"No matter where it happens, these constant shootings have always hurt my heart, but today I am very traumatized," continued Marx. "And I'm even more angry at the meaninglessness."