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Furious Airbnb hosts scare guests after complaints about moldy sandwiches

A woman recorded a moment when an Airbnb host reportedly kicked her out of the property. This is because she complained that she had a moldy sandwich in the trash can.

Kristin Eardley, 39, booked a two-night stay for a business trip to Los Angeles earlier this year. She unfortunately shouted to her about any complaints she might have had against her property, including a shorter stay and a dirty surface when her host was allegedly attacked.

In a video shot by Eardley and shared with the South West News Service, the host tells the facility to enter and leave, then collects her belongings and tries to physically kick her out of the door. I can see it. She is alleged that Eardley also hid her laptop.

"She took mine and started throwing it out. She took my work notebook, broke it, and threw the papers out," from Chicago, Illinois. Traveled Eardley told SWNS.

The guest was disgusted with what she reportedly found in the Airbnb.
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Kristin Eardley was "shaken" by her Airbnb experience, vowing never to use them again.
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Unemptied bin containing moldy sandwhich.
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“ She kept pushing me, trying to push me out of the apartment, grabbed my arm and pushed my waist, "Eardley continued. "I was afraid. I didn't know what to do."

Eardley was calling Airbnb when the violent explosion began, but she hung up. , I started shooting the encounter. When the woman left the apartment for a short while, Eardley locked the door before she noticed she had left her phone, purse and key on the table inside.

"She was still screaming," she remembered. "I was there and was drugging, broke into her apartment, and said she stole her wallet and phone."

The frightened guest said he was "within 7 minutes" of luggage. I took a picture of my property before opening the door and asked the woman for a laptop.

"I had to attend this event in 2 hours. I said," Where is my laptop? Give me my laptop — I want to go. "I don't know what you're talking about," she said, according to Eardley.

"After discussing my laptop with her, perhaps 5 or 10 minutes, I decided to leave and call the police to deal with them. I drove to Beverly Hills in tears. I went. "

There was reportedly dust in the apartment.
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Eardley took photos in an attempt to prove the apartment hadn't been cleaned properly.
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Host gave her a "fake address"

Airbnb guests are expensive in the area While she said she had booked accommodation on behalf of a hotel in town, when she booked, the host "repeatedly contacted her" and claimed to be a safety measure. I admitted that there were some warning signs, such as giving the address of.

After going out for dinner the day she arrived, Eardley noticed that the apartment was dirty with shards of glass on the kitchen and dining room floor the next morning, and she failed on the host's personal. It made me believe that it was a typical apartment. Clean it properly.

The host allegedly became defensive after Eardley asked why the apartment was dirty.
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Guests complain to Airbnb for $ 125 cleaning The cost of requesting a refund; then she complained to the host about her stay so far, which seems to have caused the explosion.

Eardley further claimed that the host's neighbor told her that she was "unstable" and that she was not allowed to rent her apartment as Airbnbs.

Eardley brought the problem to police who had already received a call from a host who accused her of stealing $ 10,000 worth of jewelry.

The host's neighbors described her as "volatile," warning the guest to be careful.
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Hosts also claim to have no laptop However, it was reportedly later discovered in a garbage container by police.

"I'm very upset. I was really scared," Eardley said of her experience, and she bowed, "I'll never use Airbnb again."

She also said she found that the site's processing method was "unacceptable", and the total cost of her booking was reimbursed, but Airbnb allegedly promised her $ 400. She claimed that she was still waiting for compensation. Towards a $ 660 hotel fee for the night after the host kicked her out.

"They don't seem to really care that I have someone [enter] my active rent, [receive] mine, and [push] me. "She said.

Airbnb said it would remove the host from the platform as soon as it noticed the incident and set up a 24-hour safety line to allow the host and guest to connect with the support agent.

Posts are asking Airbnb for comment.