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Raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago home by Biden's politicized FBI means US is now a third world country

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An enlightened socialist left will go to great lengths to destroy our country. But after gathering with thousands of patriots at his CPAC in Dallas last weekend, I am confident that freedom will win. And we will save America.

It is certainly difficult to be optimistic when the challenges we face are so intense. According to the CPAC Straw Survey, 91% of CPAC Texas attendees believe the greatest threat to America is "inside forces such as the Deep State, public education and mainstream media."

Only 8% said that “external forces such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea” were the biggest threat. And it is understandable.

We are witnessing the collapse of the Left Coalition in America. But as it breaks, it lurks more positively. It's time for each American to rise up against each other and rid this country of this socialist terror.

President Trump says Marlago, Fla., home base ``under siege'' by FBI agents

President Biden's politicized President Trump's Mar-a-Lago home just raided by the FBI. This country is becoming unrecognizable. Biden has successfully turned America into a third world country. 

Donald Trump leaves the Trump Tower in New York City following the FBI raid on his home at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Leave Trump Tower. At his home in Florida's Mar-a-Lago Resort. (Felipe Ramares: Fox News Digital)

Carjackings and raids on opposition leaders in city center - only once Caracas It was from

Patriotic Americans understand the urgency of the moment. The upcoming midterm elections will require record numbers to organize and vote.

Hilton In his speech at Anatole,President Trump said America was "on the edge of the abyss" but that our movement could save it. "This is not the time for complacency," he added.

Republicans condemn DOJ "weaponization" after President Trump's Marlago was raided by his FBI. DEMS calls it 'accountability'

We must protect our country and our constitution from this coup. It begins by channeling anger into firing all socialists at all levels of government. Take back your power and use it to prevent attacks on America.

Conservative victories were seen across the country. Parents organized to take back control of the school. Even San Francisco saw the successful recall of socialist prosecutor Chesa Boudin. 

Polls continue to show Hispanic Americans rejecting Democrats' failed policies for successfully removing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi In , we put together a coalition.


But there are leaders who follow through on their campaign promises. is important. As Congressman Lauren Boubert told CPAC, "House Republicans have always run as conservatives, but now is the time to rule as conservatives."

Prepare to meet the moment There are many people who have CPAC welcomed tomorrow's leaders such as Jesli Vega and Bo Hines and today's leaders such as President Donald Trump.

PresidentTrump won the CPAC straw surveywith his 69% endorsement of participants in his hypothetical 2024 primary election. There is an inseparable bond between President Trump and the conservative movement. He merely did what he promised, for which they are eternally grateful.

Indeed. CPAC educated attendees about activism and hosted a panel to update conservatives on the fight to save lives, defend borders, save women's sport and protect electoral integrity. . As Glenn Beck put it in his speech, conservatives have a duty not to "cross the cliff with the rest of humanity."

CPAC is more than just a political struggle. Bringing like-minded people together and creating memories. So many people shared their stories of their long trips to Dallas with me. I am very proud.


Next year, CPAC will be in National Harbor near Washington, D.C. i will be back. Obtained a majority in the Houseand hopefully in the Senate. The Conservatives will control Parliament and with that majority they must be ready to strike.

Will we rise as a nation to fight the cunning tactics of the Left? Make your voice heard by attendingCPAC 2023.

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