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Rangers Chris Crader undergoes wrist surgery

Chris Crider had surgery to remove a small bone fragment from his wrist, Rangers announced Friday. 

The surgery performed by Dr. Robert Hotchkis at the New York City Special Surgery Hospital has been successful and is expected to recover for two to four weeks. 

The longest ranger, Crader, is about to end a career season that has helped mark the franchise's record book and lead the team to the final appearance of the first meeting since 2015. is. He finished his regular season with 52 tally, the third highest goal scorer in the NHL, behind the Oilers' Leon Draisaitl (55) and the Maple Leafs' Orston Matthews (60), who won the Heart Trophy and Ted Lindsay. It ended with. Award. 

The Rangers 10th season 30-year-old Winger's achievement list is extensive. He was named an All-Star and set a new record for the Rangers' history's most power-playing goal (26) and the most game-winning Tally (11). On April 11, Crider became the fourth player in franchise history, scoring more than 50 goals in a season and joining Jaromír Járgar, Adam Graves and Vic Hadfield. 

Chris Kreider

Kreider won the Steven MacDonald Extra Effort Award. He became the first Rangers Award winner to serve as President in commemoration of Rangers legend Rod Gilbert. 

The Crider, who scored 52 goals with 25 assists, scored 77 points, the highest in his career in 81 games. This was an astonishing 24 points higher than the previous personal best of 2018-19. Regular season. He never reached the 30-goal mark until he wiped it out this season and came within two times throughout his career. 

The Crider scored 10 goals and 6 assists in 20 games as the Rangers won two Stanley Cup Finals berths. He is currently heading into the third season of a seven-year, $ 45.5 million contract signed with the Rangers in February 2020.