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Ranking the best beer jingles ever in honor of the weekend of July 4th

It's the weekend of July 4th, so it seems like the perfect time to celebrate one of the great American traditions of being dormant and lean. It's a recent era, but it has a truly brilliant past. 

Beer jingle. 

Maybe it's only for people of a certain age, but there was a time when catchy beer jingles were as part of the sporting experience as the game itself. Something changed on the way. For one thing, most quirky commercials now prefer memorable dialogue to music. Also, even with a good slowback jingle, you don't have to watch commercials because you were in the TV world (New York anyway) limited to channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 11. 

I know that when I came up with this idea, I was initially grateful to Google so I was able to properly reproduce the lyrics of these ridiculously catchy songs. That is. Later, I remember all the words. Young uncles are advised to stop by YouTube and launch all of this. You'll know if you ask it just once. Maybe two. But probably only one. 

introduces the top 5 beer jingles to date. 

1. Schaefer Beer 

Television production of a Schaefer Beer commercial on WCBS-TV in 1949.
CBS via Getty Images

Schaefer is 

One beer if you have more than one. 

Schaefer's joy does not diminish 

Even after thirst is over. 

The most rewarding taste 

In this man's world 

For those who are having fun. 

Schaefer is a beer when you have more ... 

Goat. One of the reasons is that it is fully time stamped. Based on market research that 80% of beer is drunk by 20% of drinkers, we cannot get out of the fundamental theme. If you don't care about the taste, but just want to get better ... we are your foam. 

But songs, lyrics ... it's a masterpiece. Inspired by advertising agencies Batten, Barton and Durstine & Osborn, $ 70 million for ads appearing in 87 TV commercials, 200 radio spots and 35 full-page magazine ads in the first decade of the campaign. Spent. 

2. Mirror High Life 

Miller High Life
Getty Images

If you have time 

Beer (Mirror Beer) 

Mirror tastes too good to hurry 

But when relaxing 

One beer stands out clearly (beer after beer) 

If you have time ... 

I have beer. 

If you're detecting a theme ("Beer After Beer") ... it's probably not a coincidence. Everyone had access to market research. 

3. Lowenbrau 

This is a good friend 

It's a little special tonight 

Pouring beer 

Somehow I have to say more ... 

So tonight ... make it Lowenbrau Let's 

Outliers, evidence that even great jingles can't beat mediocre beer. When was the last time you, or someone you know, broke and opened the ice-cold Lowenbrau? 

4. Budweiser 

SOPA image via Gett / LightRocket

King here Comes and here comes the big number 1 

Budweiser beer that the king is second to none. 

The King is coming, let's listen to the phone. 

When you say bad, you said it all. 

(When I say Bud, I say everything ...) 

Certainly, the more famous Bud jingle is Every time Clydesdale goes out for a walk, I hear a disgusting song, but this one is 100% catchy. And it shows that you may have two memorable jingles about Bad's kingship. 

5. Rheingold 

My beer is Rheingold for dry beer 

Always think of Rheingold You Buy beer 

It's not refreshing and sweet 

It's an extra dry treat 

Why not try Extra Dry Line Gold Beer? 

Sure, Grandpa McMahon has been working at the Rheingold Brewery for years, so this can be accompanied by personal prejudice. Still ... Get it out of your head right now.

Vac's Whacks

Let's say this: Afterdropped seven grounds for a surf and turf dinner, in addition to, AirPods to everyone in the room Added. We will officially notify you if Jacob DeGrom is rehabilitated into the Binghamton Rumble Pony jersey. Chick-fil-A-I'm not going to get it done. 

Max Scherzer pitches during a rehab start with the Binghamton Rumble Ponies.
Gordon Donovan

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Even David Ortiz doesn't know if he's got a complete Yankees fan goat like José Altuve. 

It's strange how victory can wash away the dirt of history. Kevin Durant's various power plays have resulted in one playoff victory in two years, and he departs from the town named Loser. But in 1993, Mark Messier led a riot of players who ended up expelling Roger Neilson. This does not play an exact important role in the Messier heritage, given what happened 18 months later.

Wackback with Vac

Dave Ornauer:Where are Billy Paultz, Walt Simon, Les Hunters, and the others who gave them all? No questions or requests, when you need them. It doesn't help players who wear suits only when it suits them. Look at you, Killy. 

Vac:Especially this week, I think we need to hear from more legitimate 50-year Nets fans like Dave. I know you are there. You were locking back the Coliseum at the time ... 

Robert Louis:Yank may have the best record in baseball, but they The second best team in the United States now in the league. 

Vac:The Astros have certainly made everyone think a bit over the last few weeks. 

@j_nucero:As a fan of Knicks, I can't kill Nets. We would have done the same, Kyrie Irving hold your nose to get Kevin Durant. It will always be boom or bust. 

@MikeVacc:In my heart, all Knicks fans know this is true. 

Dennis Daly:Now the original Pac-8 is a Six-Pac. 

Vac:Initially, blushing USC and UCLA with Pac-12 for the Big Ten is as logical as Mets and the Yankees joining the NFL. It's good.