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Rebel Wilson shares a good message to the body after gaining weight during vacation

It's all about balance.

Rebel Wilson has some weight between her whirlwind,multicontinental vacationand partner Ramona Agrumavia Instagram.Last few weeks— But she doesn't allow it to squeeze her.

"I noticed I wore 3kg [6.6 pounds] while on vacation 🙈. I'm in a great all-inclusive resort ... I lost all control 😜", 42 years old The actress capped her picture of rocking her swimsuit and cover-up on Saturday.

"But what do you know? You can get up tomorrow, go to the gym, hydrate, eat healthy and love yourself."

Wilson He went on to tell his fans that "to afflict himself" is never useful, but he knows what it means to "feel guilty and not great" after eating too much.

"If you, like me, know that you are more than just weight, your weight does not define you. Do your best to be healthy and yourself Don't worry too much about yourself 💗 "The" Pitch Perfect "star advised your followers" Let's be your best version 💗 ".

Rebel Wilson
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Fans also cheer for the "Bridesmaids" actress in the comments section I raised it, and wrote as follows. You look like a great rebel! ⭐️ ”,“ Perfect in every way !! ”

Rebel Wilson in February 2020
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2020 Returning to January, Wilson announced on InstagramShe planned to make 2020 a "year of health" and had already begun the process.

"I went out for a walk in athletics. Now I deliberately hydrated on the sofa and tried to avoid sugar and junk food," she wrote part of the time. increase.

And, despite many unexpected nerve-breaking events in 2020,Wilson triumphantly declaredin November 2020 for a month. Achieved a weight loss target of about 80 pounds. quick.